Burgos rejects the perimeter closure proposed by the Government to stop Covid infections




The Mayor of Burgos, Daniel de la Rosa, yesterday ruled out the perimeter closure of the city considering that it would not be effective, in addition to that it was already demonstrated in the few days in which this measure was applied last month. He thus rejected the possibility raised by the Ministry of Health -as well as the closure of shops and universities- in the meeting he held last Thursday with officials of the Junta de Castilla y León and the councilor himself, De la Rosa explained that Burgos has a strategic geographic location and an industrial weight that places at the head of the community; two factors that imply great mobility. The maintenance of the activity, with many workers living in surrounding localities, means that, in the opinion of the socialist, a perimeter closure is not effective. In this regard, he believes that it could serve to limit the spread of the coronavirus due to the departure of infected people, although its effect would be practically negligible in the confined area.

In this regard, the Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, explained that the central government’s proposal would be “a passive confinement”, explained the Minister of Health, Verónica Casado, about the meeting, who clarified that the Ministry also recommended waiting to check the effects of the actions already taken, such as the closure of the hotel business. “That is what we are doing now,” he stressed, but “if the trend is high we will make decisions if others do not want to make them” in reference to the government’s refusal to create a legal tool that allows home confinement.

In fact, the mayor of Burgos also insisted yesterday to the Ministry that he empowers the Board to decree it if necessary. “It is not a question of confining at this time, but of having the possibility of doing so if the data continues to worsen, especially with regard to the occupation of the Burgos University Hospital and its Intensive Care Unit, which are on the verge of collapse ».

De la Rosa explained a series of new restrictions in the city that came into effect this past midnight and have been agreed with the Ministry of Health and the Junta de Castilla y León, which in the next few hours or days will also issue a regulation that completes the municipal one.

Although the data from the last 24 hours point to a slight improvement in the situation in Burgos, the mayor of the city considers that the prudent thing to do is to wait because the data in the last weeks “are shocking.”

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