Caballero calls for an “effort” for the Calatrava Volcanoes Geopark to be recognized by Unesco

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The president of the Ciudad Real Provincial Council, Jose Manuel Caballero, has requested an effort from the institutions that make up the “Calatrava Volcanoes Geopark” project to achieve Unesco recognition, after the project has taken another step with the constitution of its Institutional Committee, made up of the 40 municipalities that The territory of the Geopark, Ciudad Real, Puertollano is made up of four local action groups, the Board and the Provincial Council itself, as the institution that promotes the project.

Caballero has chaired the meeting in which the constitution of this committee has been approved and in which they have been present, in person in the plenary hall of the Provincial Palace or by videoconference, all the institutions that comprise it. The fourth vice president of the County Council, David triguero, has been elected president of the committee and Fausto Marín, provincial delegate for Sustainable Development, will be the vice president, as reported by the provincial Institution in a press release.

The challenge of obtaining the declaration of a world Geopark by UNESCO It is “capital”, Caballero recalled. It is not a formality, so the president of the Provincial Council has asked everyone to make a “huge effort” to achieve it. It will be around the spring of 2023 when Unesco’s decision is known, a symbolic date for everyone. “We are all interested in that at that time, this province and this geopark are recognized, because it is a shared commitment to global recognition of geological values, which our province has, and the possibilities offered by the figure of the Geopark to achieve develop a sustainable socio-economic strategy that provides us with potential around tourism development ”, he assured.

The territory of the Geopark, of 4,100 square kilometers, has the appropriate geological conditions, heritage and territorial continuity, “we just need to work with the efficacy and efficiency with which we do it in this land to achieve it,” added Caballero, who has been convinced to achieve this and has valued the work of the technical managers of the project and the support of all socioeconomic sectors.

The Institutional Committee and the Scientific Committee of the «Calatrava Volcanoes Geopark. Ciudad Real »and with the next constitution of the Socioeconomic Committee, which is being worked on, a new step is taken to this important strategy to promote the great geological heritage of the province, which complements the natural and cultural wealth of our territory.

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