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The summer has been an intense activity for the Secretary General of the Galician Socialists. He has barely forgiven days without a public agenda in the month of August, when the information pressure of the Galician government – with Feijóo on vacation – and the main opposition party – the BNG – was lowered considerably. A kind of search for the lost informational (and political) space, one year after the historic fiasco of the regional elections July 2020 and a few months after the congress of Galician socialism in which his future in the party will be decided.

There has been no page-wide controversy that Caballero did not join. He has weekly visited municipalities whose health centers hosted protests over the situation of Primary Care: Val Miñor, Vigo, Valdeorras, Salvaterra, Mondariz, Viveiro, Malpica … Even where the agenda indicated talking about infrastructures or European funds, the message about healing. While his organizing secretary set the party on fire with an article attacking Besteiro and Formoso, Caballero dodged the journalists’ questions and spoke about public services, putting that into practice. old axiom of talking about what you want and not what the newspapers talk about. The success of the maneuver has been quite relative.

In the rush to complete the photo album, Caballero He did not want to miss the area affected by the Ribas do Sil fire last Wednesday, even before it was officially declared extinct. And in the networks he also had time to be outraged by Malasaña’s homophobic attack, which was never, as it was an invention recognized days later by the victim himself.

Nor did he stop advertising, with ID in hand, his endorsement of Pedro Sánchez’s pre-candidacy for the PSOE federal congress to be held in October. The photo, which would not be routine, has its own, since Caballero’s relationship with Ferraz is rare. since the party leadership prefers another leader at the head of Galician socialism and avoids publicly supporting the very nephew. The main idea is to continue presenting itself as the “alternative” to the PP, something that current parliamentary arithmetic and polls strongly deny.

This Monday he put the icing on the cake with a photo on the steps of Parliament with the mayors and socialist spokesmen of the rural councils who are going to lose their bank offices – accusing Feijóo of “stabbing the rights” of the neighbors – the last train that the PSdeG gets on in its opposition strategy. The penultimate, announced last week, was to request an investigation commission for the draining of the reservoirs of the Miño-Sil basin by the electricity companies, but here it was a slipstream from the BNG, which had already requested it 24 hours before.

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