Can I accompany my son to his class this time back to school?



The crying of the children clinging to the leg of their parents together with a teacher who extends her arms to give them a warm welcome to the new course, it seems that this year will not be repeated, at least, in the classroom. Covid-19 has slammed the possibility that families clothe until the last minute to their little ones on their first day of class and now the farewells, although with tears as well, are different.

According to the document “Prevention, hygiene and health promotion measures against Covid-19 for educational centers 2021-2022” established by the Ministry of Health and Education, the «entry and exit will be carried out in a staggered manner to the educational center or, where appropriate, organizational measures will be arbitrated such as entering the campus through doors or differentiated spaces or others that allow crowds at said entrances and departures ». Along these lines, each autonomous community has outlined the regulations and, in the case of the Community of Madrid, its protocol also indicates that “in general, families should not enter schools to drop off students, Unless for security reasons, depending on the situation of the center, it is advisable, if the management team considers so, always complying with prevention and hygiene measures and, in no case, if they present any symptoms compatible with Covid-19 ».

According to Marta Pérez, director of the
European School of Madrid
One of the questions that parents ask the most before going back to school is precisely “what do I do when I get there with my son?”, “Can I accompany him to his class?”. The answer is clear, Pérez points out: parents cannot enter school. «Yes, it is true that for babies from zero to one year old, they do allow them access to a reception to deliver their little ones. But for the rest of the Infantile children, the parents must leave them in a sliding door that gives access to a patio ».

The director of this center recognizes that the measure is “harder for first-time families who have children who have never been to school because they would like to be able to accompany them to their class. However, “they accept that it is a measure forced by the covid and that it is the best for everyone’s safety.”

Things have changed

Julian Marias School
, its director Antonio Adánez, recognizes that before the appearance of Covid-19 in our lives, parents could accompany their children to the door of their class, “but now things have changed” because they try to prevent the presence of people from outside the center is as low as possible. «Previously, all families and students entered and left through the same school door, but since last year we have two doors: one for the entrance and the other for the exit, so that the transit of people is carried out in a more orderly way.

Even so, he explains that in the case of 3-year-old Infants, parents can enter the school and accompany them to the door of their class. For the rest of the Infant, they will only be able to take them up to a colored fence they have placed outside of each class. “However, in both cases, the arrival of students is done in a staggered manner: some arrive at nine o’clock in the morning and others at 9.07, as well as at the end of the day, which have half hour and, in this way, fewer people meet at the door ».

From the
College Logos
they assure ABC that in no case may parents enter the classrooms. «We have a door by age for each Infant and Primary course. In the case of the little ones, it is an auxiliary person from the center who picks up the students at the school door and takes them to the classroom, where the tutor is waiting for them. We have flexible school entry and exit between 9 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the afternoon ”.

They assure that in the case of Primary school children they also arrive at different times so that they do not all gather at the door. Parents stay out of the school because before Covid-19 they were not allowed to pass either. «We have not received any complaints from families regarding this way of proceeding. We believe that they are aware of the new situation and understand that it is the best formula for the good of their children and to avoid possible infections. The safest thing – they recognize ABC – is that this way of acting will remain implanted after the coronavirus passes because both parents and children seem to be calmer and the entrances and exits are faster and more organized.

From the
Retamar School
point out that “we comply with those dictated by the Community of Madrid in this regard” and allow parents can request an appointment to accompany their children in an extraordinary way during the first three days of class. Many new students also come to this school on some of the 16 coach routes available to them. “In these cases, the students are accompanied by the route manager to their class or, on some occasions, it is the teacher who comes to pick them up at the foot of the bus.”

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