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From 8 in the morning to 10 at night, and from Monday to Sunday, the 171 agents of the Information Service 012 of the Community of Madrid They attend to any query related to the public services of the Community. Some users, however, get confused and end up asking about other questions: “Do you know what time and what day it is today?”, “Can you order a taxi for me?” or «Have they already brought me the books I ordered from the FNAC?»Are some of the most striking.

Among the more than 11 million questions that have been asked of this phone service since September 2019, some are certainly peculiar. The consultation of the day and time is, according to sources of the service, “much more common than it may seem ”, and it is performed in most cases by older people.

But there have been many others: for example, there was someone who called saying “my credit is running out; If I give you my number, will you call me? ». There are those who show unlimited curiosity, and ask: “Can I ask you anything?”

Together down the street

The pandemic and its measures have given rise to many questions, such as this: “The perimeter closure of the Community of Madrid ends on April 9 at 00:00, can you interpret this for me?” Doubts about the established restrictions were also frequent: «Are four or five people who can travel in the same car while living together? How can that be demonstrated? “Or”How many people can go down the street together? ».

In other cases, there are users who confuse the purpose of this service. There was one who asked them: «Do you have the FNAC telephone number? It is to see if they have already brought me some books that I ordered ». And who intended to use them as wake-up service: «Are you a public service? Can you call me then at a certain time so I don’t fall asleep? ».

Sometimes they even waited for help to locate acquaintances: “I have not known a person for a long time and I would like to find him, can you help me?” Or they posed questions with great practicality: “Can you call me a taxi?” The doubts that the usual time change raises every year to many were also consulted: «On Saturday they change the time, does that mean they sleep an hour more or an hour less? I never clarify … ».

Filomena and the birds

He also gave for many questions the exceptionality of the snow storm Filomena: from those who were interested in vegetation – «Some of the trees that have fallen due to the storm belong to protected species What is going to happen to them? »- or the fauna -« I am suffering for the birds these days of so much snow, can something be done for them? »- who asked for help directly:« I want to go buy bread and they give afraid to leave the house because of the falls, can someone bring it to me? ».

But these are the exceptions; The bulk of the calls were limited to what is expected in an official information service of an institution. And, by the way, from users’ demands for attention, conclusions can be drawn about the issues that concern them. The one that caused the most consultations was, how could it be otherwise, health: the pandemic, the measures that were taken, mobility restrictions and later, the vaccination process.

Employment and housing

The second topic of interest is that of employment: they ask about public job offers, but also about jobs in the private sector. In May, there was an explosion of inquiries related to direct aid to the self-employed and companies affected by the crisis generated by Covid-19, inquiring about the requirements and the processing thereof.

A third block of queries refers to housing: from how to request aid to how to process applications. Finally, many questions were received about education, especially related to how to attack possible infections in the school environment.

The 012 service served, between September 1, 2019 and April 30, 2021, to a total of 7.7 million calls and 3.4 million interactions per chat, email, alerts or voicemail. In fact, served emails increased 74 percent in 2020 over the previous year, and chat inquiries increased 64 percent.

Most of the consultations are made by women (62 percent), and the main consultations are on Social Affairs (15 percent), Housing (13.5 percent), Transportation (13 percent) and Health (12 percent) . It has specialized sub-platforms, such as those related to Employment, Education, Consumer Affairs and Immigration. In addition, it offers specialized care to various groups, through 012 Mayor and 012 Mujer. And also by this route of 012 you can access the Telebiblioteca, a home loan service for people over 70 years of age or with disabilities, which has responded to 2,567 requests.

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