Carlos Espi, Marcel Marfá, Adriana Serra, Felipe Pachón and Mar Infante, winners of the Hispanidad Trophy




End of the party in the bay of Cádiz, where today the 6th Optimist Hispanidad Trophy ended with a splendid day marked by 15-knot winds of medium intensity. The lift gave a truce and the conditions allowed to remove the two fleets, Sub 16 and Sub 13, something that the smallest celebrated after staying on land the day before. In this way, the nearly 300 sailors from 8 autonomous communities said goodbye completing three more tests, in a regatta area where the greatest difficulty was in the strong current in the steps per buoy, which forced the skippers to pull hard. to get out of commitments and avoid incurring a penalty.

As you could see coming, in both fleets the last regatta has been needed to resolve the podiums and in the case of the U-13s, to meet the absolute champion, since until that moment the Andalusians José Manuel Cuellar, from RCN de Adra , and Felipe Pachón, from CNM Benalmádena, were equaled on points in a tie maintained during the first two rounds. In the final, a first from Pachón in front of a second from Cuellar resolved the championship on the Malaga side by one point, and with them on the third podium box finishes the women’s champion, Mar Infante from RCMT Punta Umbría. The Andalusian wins the tiebreaker with the Portuguese Leonor Lopes, fourth absolute, with third place in females for Begoña Cañizares also from RCMT Punta Umbría. Among the smallest – Sub 11 category – the winner is the Catalan Marcel Marfá, followed by the Andalusian Miguel Pineda from CN Puerto Sherry, sixth and seventh overall, respectively.

In the Sub 16 fleet, the fight was centered on the podium companions of the Valencian Carlos Espi, brand-new winner, displaying a consistency that has been the key to his success. The RCN de Valencia sailor wins with a wide advantage unrelated to the impressive outcome between four sailors who, like a Ludo chip, have moved between second and fifth place in what the day has given. The Catalan Daniel García, the Andalusians Roberto Aguilar and Pablo Fernández and the Canarian Jaime Lang-Lenton, all four have had all the options in their hands on a day in which the slightest mistake was paid dearly.

With the four scored in three points and a tie between second and third, the last regatta decided second place at the hands of CN El Masnou sailor, Daniel García, with 22 points, followed with one more point by Andalusian Roberto Aguilar from CNM Benalmádena, absolute third, and Pablo Fernández from CN Puerro Sherry remains at the gates, a sailor who, after today’s second round, climbed from fifth to second place to ultimately find himself off the podium. What Fernández was able to do was resolve the tie with the Canary Jaime Lang-Lenton, who finished fifth.

Among the girls, the Andalusian Adriana Serra, belonging to the Punta Umbría CDN, prevails, after a day in which she started clicking to later fit a 1st and a 2nd, which are worth her to beat the Balearic Martina Gomila and Neus Fernández, second and third respectively.

After the regatta, the trophy ceremony was held in the ceremonial courtyard of the Specialized Center for Sport Technification of Sailing Bahía de Cádiz, in an act presided over by Paco Coro as president of the Andalusian Sailing Federation, accompanied by Kiko Sánchez-Prieto , President of the Spanish Association of the Optimist class -AECIO-. With his presence, Coro wanted to thank everyone for attending the regatta, especially the teams from other Spanish territories, “We hope that you have enjoyed the regatta as much as we did and that we will see each other again very soon”, concluded the president . The organization awarded the participation by giving a trophy to the first seven classified in each category.

The regatta that ends today is the second of the three qualifying tests for the Andalusian team that will represent us in the national events in the new season. After the first regatta held in Isla Canela, Huelva, once the Hispanidad Trophy has been disputed, there is only one more test that will take place on the November bridge in the waters of Almería. That will be the moment to meet the 20 sailors that will make up the Andalusian team, of which 14 will be Sub 16 and the rest Sub 13, with a minimum of six girls between both categories. One more year, the Andalusian obtains the largest number of places that an autonomous federation can have.

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