Carlos Mazón negotiates with UGT the improvement of employment in external companies that work for the Provincial Council




The president of the Alicante Provincial Council, Carlos Mazon, has met with representatives of the UGT union to address the improvement of the working conditions of employees of external companies that provide services in the institution. The objective, as agreed during the meeting, is to reinforce the criteria for optimization and implementation of job quality in the procurement documents.

Mazón, accompanied by the deputy for the Presidency and Economy, Eduardo Dolon, has discussed this issue with the general secretary of UGT L’Alacantí-Les Marines, Yaissel Sanchez, who has attended the Provincial Palace with the members of the entity Rosa Benítez and Pedro Santiago.

The proposal aims to unify the terms of the subrogation of services so that the employees of external companies who seek assistance to the Provincial Council have the best working conditions, explained the president, who pointed out that it is a “first meeting with trade union forces in the province to deepen the dialogue and consensus necessary when reaching agreements that benefit the workers.

The clauses on which it is intended to influence are those that have a direct impact on job stability and the improvement of the conditions of those hired, through surrogate companies, seeking to implement the quality, equality and equity of the working conditions of those workers who provide cleaning or maintenance services, among others, in buildings and dependencies of the Deputation.

This initiative is part of the pact on the improvement of the economy and employment recently signed by UGT-PV, CC.OO-PV and the Business Confederation of the Valencian Community, whose basis is to move towards a model of labor relations based on the culture of agreement and cooperation, as well as on social dialogue, institutional participation and collective bargaining.

In addition, UGT is part, together with CC.OO, of the Economic and Social Council of the Province, as Dolón recalled, a advisory body promoted by the Provincial Council from which it “seeks to channel dialogue and the participation of social, trade union and economic agents in the territory to promote public and private initiatives that favor financial and cultural development.”

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