Carlos Urquijo: Parot, a deserved tribute



In the end, it does not matter whether or not the “solidarity march” in favor of the ETA murderer is celebrated on the 18th or not. Henri Parot. This call was made public last July. At the moment, from the Villacisneros Foundation, we sent letters demanding its prohibition to the Basque Government Security Councilor, the Government Delegate in the Basque Country and the Mayor of Mondragón. None of the three has deigned to answer. Only one line and a half official letter from the General Secretariat of the Government Delegation tells us that they have transferred our request to the Chief Prosecutor of the National Court.

Our laws on victims, approved both in the Basque Parliament and in the Cortes Generales, state that the public powers will avoid acts carried out in public that involve discrediting, disparaging or humiliating the victims or their families, as well as the exaltation of terrorism. Our Penal Code typify as crime in its article 578 the performance of these same acts. What kinds of politicians pass laws that they do not intend to comply with or enforce when they must?

That is why I said that Parot deserves the tribute. And this is the case because of the shameful indolence and inaction of our politicians and judges, an inhibition in which a Basque society that attends impassively to the shame of paying homage to the murderer of 39 human beings is not left behind. They have been enduring this ignominy for so many years that, although it is hard to say it, it must be done, if our public officials do not comply with the law and society does not demand it, the murderer Parot or any other member of the terrorist group ETA, deserves any act called in his favor.

Unfortunately we must conclude that we are governed by people without ethical muscle and without leadership ability. Before this call, the Lehendakari has said that these tributes should not be called and also that they are repulsive to him. And he is absolutely right, but the head of an Executive cannot limit himself to expressing opinions when, in addition, he has the solution in his hands. And what I say about the Lehendakari also applies to President Pedro Sánchez. The institutional whitening that each day both governments grant to the heirs of ETA, causes as much damage to our democracy, as the tributes to ETA to the victims of terrorism. What happens to us Spaniards to assume with absolute indifference this moral degradation in public life? This is even more difficult to understand when it happens in the part of Spain that, with 576 people killed, the more it has suffered the onslaught of terrorism.

On the 18th there will be a march or there will not be, but as I said at the beginning at this point it is almost the least of it. Who had to take a picture has done so with his silence. If this humiliation is finally prevented, it will not be due to social pressure or the will of the Government, only to the tenacity of a few associations and the help of some media. Sad balance we face when it will be ten years since ETA announced the end of its criminal activity. Terrorism and its political support, in addition to the dramatic toll of 856 truncated lives, leave us as a legacy a society ethically disarmed and without the purpose of amendment.

* Carlos Urquijo was a government delegate in the Basque Country between 2012 and 2016.

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