Carmen Martín and Nerea López, elder fallera and elder fallera child of Valencia 2022




Carmen Martín Carbonell and Nerea López Maestre have been chosen as the new falleras older thanValencia for the year 2022. This has been informed by the mayor of the city, Joan Ribó, in the traditional call made after hearing the verdict of the jury appointed by the Fallera Central Board, meeting this Wednesday in an extraordinary plenary session in the Crystal Hall of the Municipal Council.

Carmen Martín Carbonell, new major faller in Valencia belongs to the Poeta Alberola-Totana commission of the Olivereta sector, while the maximum representation of children for the year 2022, Nerea López Maestre, is registered in the Ingeniero José Sirea-Pio X fault in the Creu sector Coberta.

The emblematic ‘telephoned’ to the new queens of the festivities has been marked by joy, tears of happiness and an overflowing emotion that has not been experienced for two years, when they named Consuelo Llobell and Carla García as senior falleras of Valencia 2020 . Due to the cancellation of the Josephine festival due to the pandemic of the coronavirus, both extended their representation one more year until the celebration of the Faults 2021 during the past month of September.

After announcing the names of the elected and telephoning those who will become the new maximum representatives of the Fallera party for the next fiscal year, the mayor and the different directors of the Central Fallera Board have traveled to the homes of the selected candidates to congratulate them in person and deliver the certificate that accredits them as falleras older than Valencia.

Thus, the court of Honor de la Fallera Mayor 2022 will be composed of: Carla Colprim Martínez (Dr. Olóriz-Arzobispo Fabián y Fuero), Carla Juliá Fernández (Quart Palomar), Camila Román Pérez (Kingdom of Valencia-San Valero), Paloma Eroles Martínez (Count Salvatierra- Cirilo Amorós) and Sofía Guillot Aleixandre (Plaza Lope de Vega).

It will also consist of María Albors Calduch (Plaza del Pilar), Marina Ballester Estevan (Plaza de Luis Cano), Carolina Soriano Alabau (Plaça Mare de Déu de Lepant), Beatriz Buigues Montoliu (Marqués de Solferit), Lucía Paya Ramírez (Maestro Aguilar -Matías Perelló), Eva Alcahuz Martín (Palleter-Erudito Orellana) and Claudia Mas Galarza (Exhibition-Micer Mascó).

Refering to child honor court, is made up of: Adela García Gimeno (Gloria Felicidad-El Tremolar), Alba Hurtado Escobar (Federico Mistral Murta), Isabel Esplugues Balaguer (Puebla del Duc-Benipeixcar), Valentina Rabello Faubel (Conde Salvatierra-Cirilo Amorós) and Sara Sellés Gutiérrez (Costa and Borrás-Agustina de Aragón).

Likewise, the child falleras who complete the court are Carla Vicente Alfonso (Bolsería-Tros-Alt), Carmen Calduch Sebastià (Avenida Burjassot-Padre Carbonell), Patricia Zurano Cívico (Cuba-Puerto Rico), Cayetana Santacruz Blasco (Gran Vía Fernando el Catholic-Ángel Guimerà), Carmen Giménez Amaro (Olivereta-Cerdá and Rico), Daniela Alcoy Damia (Plaza del Negrito) and Carla Alcocer Mayordomo (Kingdom of Valencia-Císcar)

All this, the proclamation of the new queens of the Fallas and their courts of honor will take place this Thursday, October 14 in the Crystal Hall of the city ​​Hall, starting at seven in the afternoon. After this act, the representation of Carmen Martín and Nerea López as Valencia’s major falleras will be considered, taking over from Consuelo Llobell and Carla García, in an exercise that will last five months and where the forecast is to be able to celebrate the festivities with the maximum normality possible, after the decline of the vast majority of measures and restrictions against Covid-19.

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