Casado identifies with the Andalusian “centrist” government and promises that he will act the same in La Moncloa




The autonomous elections of Andalusia of December 2, 2018 were the first litmus test of Pablo Casado as national president of the PP. In Genoa they did not give a penny for the victory of Juanma Moreno, but a kind of carambola at the polls, by adding a majority with Ciudadanos and Vox, allowed a change that the popular ones describe as “historical.” Now, two years later, Casado fully identifies with that political victory, and also with the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, former Sorayista and centrist of pro. Andalusia, assured Casado, is the best example of the policies that he will practice when he reaches the Moncloa Palace.

The PP celebrated yesterday in Seville the second anniversary of those elections that gave rise to the change in Andalusia, in an event in which there was much talk of “centrism”, nothing of the “right” and the other partner of the regional government, Ciudadanos, or Vox was not expressly mentioned, who with their votes allowed change in this community autonomous.

Married did confess that he likes how Andalusia is governed, with a coalition of the PP and Citizens, with the external support of Vox in decisive moments, such as the investiture. The leader of the popular remarked that Moreno “can govern by agreeing because he is from the PP.” And then he stressed that he could do it too, because the “centrist” and “transversal” project is the same. In reality, the PP aspires to absorb Citizens in the whole of Spain by means of the facts, that is, by the adherence of its voters. And it does not rule out at all to agree later with Vox if necessary, if this way the necessary majority is reached.

Spain, like Andalusia

Casado praised the way of governing in Andalusia, but also the substance, the content of the policies. These past days, the PP leader referred to the “Model of success” of the Community of Madrid and stressed that, in fact, it is the project that he proposes. In Genoa they stressed that it is “the same model” that the entire PP defends, and that it has one of its main axes in lowering taxes. For this reason, yesterday in Seville Casado turned to praise the management that Juanma Moreno is carrying out, to the point of ensuring that it is already a “reference” for all of Spain, and a clear example of the policies that he will apply when he is in The Moncloa. “Spain deserves a government at the national level that does what you are doing in Andalusia,” he said.

Another way of governing, with a “Centrist” executive, It is possible, as defended by both Moreno and Casado. The PP leader alluded to that silent majority of the center-right that was latent in Andalusia before the 2018 elections, and that they needed a winning impulse to make themselves visible. He also aspires to mobilize throughout Spain a “calm” majority that encompasses the entire center, and that reaches even the socialists disappointed with the “Sanchista party”, as he now calls Sánchez’s PSOE. There is practically no speech in which Casado does not wink at those social democrats who do not feel represented in the sanchismo. If the center that the PP intends to occupy reaches there, it would definitely leave Ciudadanos without a political hole.

Married rejects the extremes and of the radicalisms and yesterday he took the opportunity to reclaim that great center space, which has been clearer by the proximity of the PSOE to Podemos: “We are not comfortable in extremes or in radicalism. We are fed up with polarity.

Moreno, next to Feijóo or Mañueco, is one of the barons of the PP that has most pushed the Casado party to break with Vox definitively and to vindicate the center clearly and without hesitation. These barons never saw the signing of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo as a parliamentary spokesperson.

The leader of the Andalusian PP presumed to preside over a “centrist” government, which has dialogue and agreement as its flag, for the first time in the history of his community. He fully supported Casado in the steps he has taken to establish himself in the national center, and boasted of the tax cuts that he has applied in his region and that have supposed, according to him, a significant increase in collection.

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