Casado sees “extremely serious” that Sánchez accepts a referendum if there is an agreement with the independentistas

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The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has accused Pedro Sanchez to accept the referendum asked by Aragonès and Puigdemont. “It is going too far for a handful of votes and an investiture”, has denounced the leader of the PP in an interview in ‘Lantern’, of the Cope.

Casado has responded from La Cope to Pedro Sanchez, who has had an interview tonight on TVE and has announced that he will participate in the dialogue table with the Generalitat of Catalonia on Wednesday, September 15. “Sánchez has announced that if he reaches an agreement with the Government of the Generalitat, he will submit it to a referendum. That is to say, he accepts the referendum that Aragonés and Puigdemont are asking for. It is very serious, “said Casado.

The leader of the PP has explained some of the measures that he would take in Catalonia and it has specifically referred to the classification of the crime of illegal referendum. “This was promised by Pedro Sánchez and I, too, but we are going to do it as soon as we get to the government.”

In addition, he has proposed to end the educational indoctrination, and with the foreign diplomacy of the independence movement against Spain. “Sánchez has renounced his word as soon as he needed the independentistas,” he denounced.

But, in addition, he has defended that it is necessary to make Catalonia live better. “Let the law be observed and freedom and prosperity restored.”

With respect to electric bill, and after Sánchez’s announcement of new tax cuts and that the benefit of the companies will be intervened, Casado has reacted like this: «Exprópiese», alluding to the way of governing the Chavista regime. The leader of the PP has defended his proposal, to reduce the bill by 20 percent and save consumers a total of 9,000 million euros.

“The streets would be burned if the PP governed,” said Casado, who has commented that what worries him is that there are a million people in the queues of hunger.

Faced with the accusation that Sánchez has thrown at him, when he says that he speaks ill of Spain when he goes abroad, he has specified that he speaks ill of the Government, and never of Spain.

Married has recognized that he has the Sanchez’s mobile, but he does not call him because the last time he called him, the president promised to keep him informed about the crisis in Ceuta, but he never had contact with him again.

“Sánchez does not tell the truth or the doctor,” said Casado, who recalled that Sánchez said in an interview that he would never agree with the PP not to disappear, like the Greek Socialist Party.

He has insisted that to unblock the constitutional bodies, the PP only asks that the judges be elected by the judges in the General Council of the Judiciary.

“I do not admit pressure,” stressed Casado. “I am not going to give in to pressure, I am in politics because of my principles,” he said, to defend his position on the Judiciary.

The internal war in Madrid

Who is Pablo Casado with, with Ayuso or with Almeida?, has been asked. «With the militants of Madrid. In this case, I cannot comment on the congress, as I did not comment on other congresses ”, he pointed out.

The president of the PP has insisted that it is not necessary to talk about the party congress in Madrid and that we must be focused on what is important. “We have something very important ahead of us, such as the national convention, there is an alternative, we can win against Sánchez if we all unite and if we are on the issues that matter to the Spanish,” he said.

Married has defended the internal unit in PP. “What I have supported my colleagues helps me to now support me,” he commented. “In the PP there is a team, a program, an alternative and a project and what we have to do now is kick Sánchez out, let’s get to that.”

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