Castilla y León leads together with Andalusia the presentation of tourism projects to attract European funds




The timer to capture the extraordinary funds that Europe will disburse this year to alleviate the crisis derived from the pandemic is in full countdown, but Castilla y León arrives with its homework done as regards the tourism sector. The Community has presented to the Ministry of Finance and Public Function a total of 72 plans and proposals with which it intends to capture the 41.2 million that correspond to it this 2021 of the total money articulated for the next three years (115.8 million).

They are part of a specific territorial strategy that adapts the one developed at the national level in order to “reorder” all the proposals submitted by local entities. A work that the regional government will have to carry out before the third week of October, since from 20 to 27 it will have to present to the central Executive the list of plans that it wishes to include within the aforementioned strategy: «Now we are analyzing and evaluating with the score that we consider to see which of them are likely to be incorporated into these funds ”, details to this newspaper the general director of Tourism, Estrella Torrecilla, who explains that Castilla y León is, after Andalusia, the Spanish community that has brought together the most proposals and presented.

It also details that they are “very interesting” projects and that they have been promoted both by councils and tourism boards and by town councils and “even associations”. Remember also that all plans must revolve around four axes: the green transition, digitization, sustainability and tourism competitiveness: «They are all very good proposals. Now we are identifying them and then, together with the Ministry, we will work to decide definitively which are the ones that enter, “says Torrecilla, who sees these extraordinary recovery funds as” a historic opportunity “and advocates” taking advantage of them very well. “

The line of work that will be followed to take advantage of the money that comes from Europe was presented to the sector at the end of last August during the Tourism Forum that took place in Valladolid. There it was detailed that the 115.8 million that will arrive in Castilla y León will be divided into three years and will cover different areas of the sector. Thus, the 41.2 million planned for 2021 will be focused on rural activity; The 44.8 million that will arrive in 2022 will be used to reactivate urban tourism, while the 29.8 million that will remain by 2023 do not yet have a defined campaign, awaiting how the previous ones evolve. Each of the plans will be executed in three business years.

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