Castilla y León recovers bar consumption and nightlife




Castile and Leon Bar consumption reopens from this Tuesday inside the hotel and catering establishments. Now, these establishments raise their capacity to 75 percent, while restrictions on the terraces are eliminated. What’s more, nightlife may open, with a maximum capacity of 50 percent in the case of discos and nightclubs, and 75 percent in the case of bars and pubs.

Thus, the Community enters level 1 which allows establishments of hotels and restaurants and gastronomic societies the consumption in the bar and standing indoors, with a limitation of capacity 75 percent and a maximum of 25 people per table or groupings of tables; on terraces, there is no capacity limit for tables allowed in the immediately preceding year in accordance with the corresponding municipal license or what has been authorized for this year in the event that the license has been granted for the first time, without the maximum occupancy per table or group of tables exceed twenty-five people, informs Ical.

In any case, in both spaces compliance with the separation between table chairs is still in force and groups of tables, two meters indoors and 1.5 meters on the terrace, so that interpersonal safety distance is allowed and the use of the mandatory mask is allowed, with the exception of the moment of consumption of food or beverages.

As for the established schedules for level 1 for hotel and catering establishments, indoors and on terraces, will be those collected in the authorization licenses activity referenced to the corresponding municipal ordinances.

As for nightlife, nightclubs will have a capacity of 50 percent and pubs, karaokes and the like 75 percent. The schedule of closing will be the one established according to the ordinances municipal. Cocktails and the like are allowed while maintaining safety distances and hygiene measures.

Finally, in terms of capacity in sports facilities and sports centers dedicated to unofficial physical and sports activity, physical-sports activity may be carried out, guaranteeing the safety distance and adequate ventilation, respecting the rules based on the current pandemic health alert level: on level 1, with no capacity limit in outdoor spaces and a maximum of 85% in closed spaces.

It keeps the general precautionary and protective obligations, referring to the use of the mask and the safety distance, in the established conditions and the recommendation of frequent hand washing; also the obligation to collaborate in the necessary information for the traceability of contacts and the fulfillment of situations and prescriptions in isolations and quarantines; the prohibition of smoking on public roads if the two-meter safety distance cannot be ensured, as well as totally on hotel terraces; and to eat and drink in the same space of common use if it is not possible to maintain the distance of interpersonal safety and outside the space of stable coexistence.

At level 1 of the health alert, the general recommendations referred to social and labor relations and individual sports, among other areas, together with those indicated for hygiene, disinfection and prevention in any activity and pandemic stage; also the one referred to the availability of ventilation systems and CO2 meters in establishments open to the public.

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