Castillo calls for dialogue ahead of the second round of the presidential elections in Peru


The candidate of Peru Libre, Pedro Castillo, the most voted in the first round of the presidential elections held this Sunday, has already made on Monday a call to “talk” with a view to the second round of the elections, scheduled for 6 June.

“We have to sit down to talk with the different political forces,” Castillo said in statements to the Peruvian station RPP. Thus, he has assured that he will not put “any obstacle” to dialogue with the rest of the candidates and “gather the experience” of these political sectors.

Castillo has expressed his gratitude to the population for the support shown and has stressed that his will is to seek the benefit of the country. “It is about the country and for the country we have to put down any attitude,” he argued.

“I believe that the other candidates should not end the race with a first round. It is necessary to respond to people who have placed their trust in them. They have here a party and a person willing to move the country forward,” he stressed. In this sense, he has called for “a space for broad agreement in the country for the good of the country.”

Castillo has revealed that in the first hours after the elections he has received calls from supporters and even foreign leaders. He has also defended the need for a Congress that functions as a forum for dialogue despite the fragmentation.

“I do not see it divided, I do not see a divided situation. Congress is one and has to reverse its situation as the first power of the State and if it is necessary to help us, it is necessary to build the bridges to put Peru forward. Congress is the first space for debate and we will be there, we will try to bring the national agenda, “he defended.

Castillo’s first vice president candidate, Dina Boluarte, has also opted for alliances for the second round, although without renouncing her postulates. “We will analyze the possibility, not only with the left-wing parties (…). We are not going to change like other candidates. We have told the Peruvian people: ‘this is what we think and that is what we are going to do,'” he said. riveted.


Among Castillo’s electoral proposals is the development of a new constitution to replace the one of 1993 and to expel illegal aliens in three days. He has also criticized the Constitutional Court because it defends “grand corruption” and has promised to nationalize the main mining, oil and energy deposits.

Castillo is accused of conservatism on social issues and of being an enemy of the gender approach in education, as well as of the recognition of the rights of sexual minorities.

However, the main accusation against Castillo is based on his alleged links with the Maoist guerrilla group Sendero Luminoso and in particular with the group Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (MOVADEF) that the Police have found.

For the general population, Castillo is known for leading the 2017 teachers’ strike that, during a long period of protest, put the Government of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in check and that achieved important labor benefits.

Castillo accumulates 17.77 percent of the votes, according to the official and provisional results published by the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), ahead of the far-right Keiko Fujimori (Popular Force, 13.12 percent).

These results would leave out of the second round the candidates Hernando de Soto (Avanza País, center-right, 12.62 percent) and López Aliaga (Popular Renovation, extreme right, 12.38).

Behind are Yonhy Lescano (Popular Action, center-right, 8.96 percent), Verónika Mendoza (Together for Peru, left, 7.85 percent), César Acuña (Alliance for Progress, center-right, 5 , 9 percent) and George Forsyth (National Victory, center, 5.75 percent).

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