Catalonia will demand 56 transfers, including El Prat and more power for the Mossos, in the bilateral commission




The Generalitat will go to the Bilateral Commission this Monday with the Government in Madrid with a list of demands of 56 transfers, including the management of the Barcelona-El Prat airport, Social Security powers and more functions for the Mossos. For its part, the Central Executive, who in recent weeks indicated that the meeting would only talk about issues such as scholarships or transportation, has generically opened the door to deal with other transfers and Statute issues, although declines to discuss European funds.

From the Executive of Pedro Sánchez they explain that this management of European funds It will be discussed in a more technical way in a Sectorial Conference chaired by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, with all the autonomous communities on the same Monday morning, after it was discussed in the Conference of Presidents of Salamanca under a more political profile , as Ep.

Precisely, the president of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, was the only absent at this multilateral meeting with the rest of the regional leaders in Salamanca and, according to government sources, the Executive has not yet been able to confirm the Generalitat’s attendance at this Sector Conference on European funds. In any case, the Government assumes that the Generalitat can raise this issue at the meeting this Monday afternoon, although they insist that they will decline to discuss this matter bilaterally.

Territorial policy, finance and transport

The meeting is called at 4:00 p.m. at the Ministry of Territorial Policy. It will be precisely its headline, the Minister Isabel Rodríguez, which will preside over this Commission, which will be accompanied, on behalf of the Government, by the delegate of the Executive in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera, the Secretary of State for Finance, Inés María Bardón, the Secretary of State for Transport, Isabel Pardo de Vera, and the Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts, Rafael Simancas.

On the part of the Generalita, the delegation that will attend this meeting will be made up of the vice president and counselor of Digital Policies and Territory, Jordi Puigneró, the Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Jaume Giró.

Government “breaches”

These 56 demands that the Catalan Government will request in the Bilateral Commission are divided into three folders: that of transfers, that of transfers and that of «non-compliance» of the central Executive, which cover aspects such as infrastructure management, social security and student scholarships, according to the list of pending transfers to which Ep has had access.

In the Government they have opened in recent hours to discuss transfers and the promotion of the commissions regulated in the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, although they do not specify their approach at this meeting, but insist that European funds will not be addressed.

The convocation of the Bilateral Commission came out of the meeting held at the Palacio de La Moncloa the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, and Pere Aragonès. There, both leaders pledged to resume this bilateral meeting, to address issues related to transfers, as well as the Dialogue Table, which will meet in September.

The Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, who will also be the representative of the Central Executive in this bilateral meeting with the Generalitat, assured a week ago that the meeting would discuss “issues such as scholarships, transportation, that they were already on the agenda and that is what is of interest to citizens «.

On Friday, in his appearance before the media after the Conference of Presidents, Rodríguez stressed the idea that the Bilateral will put extremes on the table such as transfers in the management of scholarships or in certain railway infrastructures. However, he considers that the objective of the bilateral summit is none other than to “reactivate” jobs that “were unemployed years ago.”

El Prat and surroundings

In this context, Catalonia will come with the transfer folder, which refers to those matters over which the Generalitat does not have powers but demands to have them, and among them the airport management from Barcelona- El Prat.

In the chapter on non-compliance, those of Aragonès include the third additional provision of the Statute, the dependency law, investments in Suburbs and in the Mossos d’Esquadra among others.

In addition, it demands that the Catalan Data Protection Authority assume the functions of registration and authority of control on personal data of private files in Catalonia and to be able to exercise functions of planning and managing the coastline, as well as sports and fishing docks, ports of general interest and airports.

Regarding education, the Generalitat will demand that the Government manage the scholarships, credits and aid for university and non-university studies, as well as the competences in the field of research, development and innovation.

As regards the Department of the Interior, the Catalan executive will defend that the Mossos d’Esquadra assume the functions of nature protection in substitution of the Civil Guard.

He will also claim that the Catalan Traffic Service (SCT) receives the executive functions that it has yet to assume in terms of traffic, vehicle circulation and road safety.

The Government wants to assume security at the Alguaire airport (Lleida) and for the Mossos to act as ordinary police in the Port of Palamós (Gerona), the first point where the Catalan police have deployed their maritime unit. As for Civil Protection, it wants to grant it powers in matters of nuclear safety and other “residual functions” exercised by the State.

Economy and historical memory

The Generalitat will request the functions not transferred from the Social Institute of the Navy and the functions related to credit institutions and cooperatives, pension plan and fund managers, and physical and legal entities of the insurance market.

Claim that the Catalan Tax Board assume the competence to resolve economic-administrative claims against acts issued in application of taxes assigned by the State.

Also in the economic chapter, it will require the functions and services related to the delegation of powers of the special tax on means of transport and will claim to exercise the defense of competition.

The Generalitat will also raise the return of documentary funds on Catalonia that are deposited in the General Archive of the Civil War, in Salamanca, and will address the Provincial Historical Archive of Barcelona.

It also plans to deal with the situation of the Palau del Lloctinent in the Plaza del Rei in Barcelona and the documentary collections of Catalonia that are in the Archive of the Crown of Aragon in Barcelona.

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