Christmas will be different “without a doubt” and the ICUs still need to improve




The Regional Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, launched this Wednesday, during a press conference to give an account of the issues addressed in the clinical committee meeting Tuesday, several messages after thoroughly analyzing the situation in Galicia in detail by the Sanhedrin of health experts, by councils, counties, and areas, before the second wave of the coronavirus. Messages that warn that improvement cannot lead to lower guard; what has yet to take place in ICUs, where it is not yet perceived as it would like in the Xunta; and that Christmas «without norno doubt »will not be like previous yearsDespite the fact that the “de-escalation” will not be outlined yet beyond the horizon of December 4, the day on which the most intense restrictions in force would expire.

This Tuesday sources from the Department of Health advanced that the health experts who advise the Xunta proposed including Sanxenxo in the group of councils with more severe restrictions (perimeter closure, meetings only for cohabitants, closure of the hotel business), with entry into force as of the next midnight. There are already 68 municipalities under these more rigid limitations than the rest of Galicia. It was the committee’s most far-reaching decision. In the rest, status quo, although special surveillance continues in Chantada and A Rúa, and the magnifying glass will also be placed in Sarria or Vilalba, in the province of Lugo.

The ICUs are still concerned. They are still not matched by the falls in the number of positives and positivity of the tests, as well as in the level of contagion of each patient (below 1, except in the councils of Vigo and Lugo). At Sanidade they hope that “soon” global improvement will be transferred to the most seriously ill. It was always marked as key moment that 15 days elapsed since the application of the latest limitations, especially with the closure of the hotel business. This Wednesday is the 12th.

Until then, an “effort” is still necessary on the part of all, starting with the citizens. Dr. Pedro Rascado, a member of the ICU team of the Santiago CHUS, commented that “the restrictive measures are beginning to work”, but “no clear impact on the last link in the chain yet», That of Intensive Care.

Epidemiologically, Galicia faces a “good time”, added the head of Public Health, Carmen Durán. There is a “clear improvement” in cities such as La Coruña, Orense and Ferrol, although Santiago is the only one that has decreased from 200 in the accumulated incidence at 14 days. Ferrol has improved, but not enough, and Pontevedra stabilizes. In the case of Lugo, its AI at 14 days is high: 367. Comesaña has transferred the suspicion that all the restrictions may not be being met. In Vigo the cases are decreasing, but as in the walled city, it is worrying that the instantaneous reproductive number, the “contagiousness”, exceeds 1.

A separate case is that of O Carballiño, chosen as a model to apply the most intense restrictions throughout Galicia, and where In the coming days, Comesaña advanced, restrictions could be eased.


The conselleiro was asked with some insistence about the December bridge and Christmas before a possible relief in the restrictions and how this “de-escalation” would be carried out. The head of Sanidade made it clear that that scenario «is far». At the moment, we are not looking beyond December 4, although we have been working on the document that collects the precepts for a new phase as of that day, a “framework” to leave “progressively and from a certain value »Incidence of current status.

«We worry about December 4, the next week, the next, the next… and of course the first weeks of January and February ”, Comesaña underlined, again asked about a rebound effect if there is a relaxation of the restrictions during the Christmas period. «We don’t work for christmasIt is a reference that is there, that worries us all, but Christmas this year is not going to be like last year, without a doubt. I do not know with how many restrictions, but surely it will not be like last year, “he warned.

Asked by ABC, the councilor met with statements by the socialist José Tomé, mayor of Monforte and president of the Lugo Provincial Council, who recently accused the Xunta of harming socialist councils with restrictions against councils governed by the PP, although these present worse figures. Comesaña assured that never take “political color” into account, something that he considers “obvious” in light of the decisions that have been adopted under the leadership of the experts. «It is demonstrated by the action of the clinical committee. Those statements qualify themselves», Settled.

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