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Imagination and magic is what the Madrid City Council has had to use to devise the Christmas program in the most complicated year of the century. In a festival marked by security measures to avoid contagion of the Covid, the Consistory will offer concerts, Christmas markets, about 40 nativity scenes distributed throughout all districts, ice rinks, choirs, a great cultural and meeting party in Matadero, theater , among other activities. In addition, for the first time in history, Madrid will have its own Christmas melody, a piece composed by the violinist Ara Malikian, will once again exhibit an interactive videomapping on the façade of the Cibeles Palace and the little ones will be able to participate in a virtual reality video game, in the style of the «Pokemon Go» in which they can “hunt” magical characters around the city.

«Christmas is a state of mind that we need to recover. It’s the encouragement this city needs. It will be a different Christmas, like the whole year, but it will be a Christmas with all its elements, “said the Culture delegate. Andrea Levy.

Special melody

The Armenian artist has created a special melody for these holidays entitled “Gold, frankincense and myrrh”, which can be heard on the website of and it will be exhibited during the development of the programmed activities in the different spaces.

Interactive videomapping

Also, the “videomapping” of Cibeles will be interactive on this occasion. “It is going to adapt so that there are no crowds,” said the delegate. With three-dimensional images that can be seen from December 21 to January 5, 2021, between 6.30 p.m. and 11 p.m. To participate, you will have to send the decorative elements through the Christmas website.

There will be five different scenes: a fir forest, (December 21-23); a manger (December 24 and 25); a roller coaster of toys (from December 26 to 28), best wishes for 2021 (from December 29 to 31) and the letter to the Magi as the culmination of this interactive greeting. In addition, the scenes can also be viewed from home by streaming.

Matadero, the epicenter

Matadero once again becomes a key location for these celebrations. Its spaces will host magic, workshops, unique shows and a large ice rink. Colombia leaves the witness this year to Poland as a guest country. This country will have a prominent place with a presence in almost all the spaces of Matadero Madrid and with special prominence in the Casa del Lector through different works, artists and montages, to better understand its culture and Christmas traditions. The program has been carried out in collaboration with the Polish Embassy in Madrid. The opening show will take place on December 18 at 7:00 p.m.

Directed by Mikolaj Bielski, from Rèplika Teatro, on that day traditional Polish music, poetry, zambombas, popular Christmas carols will come together and an audiovisual show will be enjoyed where the public will be able to observe how Chopin speaks to them. Singular shows, cinema, street theater, dance, circus, concerts, workshops … will be just some of the proposals that can be enjoyed from December 19 to 30. Tickets can be downloaded from December 14 from 10 am at

Video game in augmented reality

The City Council proposes this year an innovative way to send you the letter of wishes, through an augmented reality adventure. Through an application with geolocation and using the real world as a game board, children and their families will live an augmented reality experience that takes them, through a journey full of characters that will pose challenges and surprises, to deliver the letter to the Magi. The activity can be enjoyed in the 21 districts of the capital and the application can be downloaded, from January 1, at

All activities will have limited capacity and will be accessed through tickets that will be downloaded online. Tickets will be available at from December 14.

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