Citizens accuse the PP of lying and take for granted the Podemos quota in the new CGPJ




The Standing Committee of Citizens (Cs), the hard core of the party, tries to get rid of the rumors of absorption by the PP and continues to mark distances with the popular ones. Progress to close an agreement between Moncloa and Genoa to renew the current one General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), whose mandate expired more than two years ago, have served the liberals to highlight the differences in a matter of which they have always been the flag.

From the PP it is guaranteed that the PSOE has finally agreed to exclude from the pact to update the CGPJ a United we can, a requirement ‘sine qua non’ for the popular, and from Cs they directly accuse those of Pablo Casado of “lying.” «Some presume to have left out other parties, but does anyone doubt that within the quotas there will be judges from Podemos, from ERC, of Together and from PNV? », Said the national spokesperson for Cs, Melisa Rodriguez, in a press conference after the weekly meeting of the Liberal Standing Committee.

Very critical, Rodríguez has labeled the negotiation between the PSOE and the PP to unblock the renewal of the CGPJ as “serious”, “infamy” and “full blown”. Cs advocates that the judges themselves directly elect, without the participation of Parliament, twelve of the twenty members that make up the governing body of judges. An initiative that advances in the direction set from Europe, but that the Congress already declined to take into consideration in September.

Today, Rodríguez announced, Cs will re-register the proposition of law for the judges to appoint the majority of the CGPJ. A proposal that attracted the support of the PP and Vox in September, but that declined due to the union of the government and the nationalists. Cs wants to check, in full negotiation with the PSOE, how the popular are now positioned.

Cs has always refused to participate

“We have re-registered our law and if it is necessary to register it eighty more times, it will register eighty more times,” asserted Rodríguez, whose party has always roundly refused to participate in the distribution of judges. Already the deputy spokesperson for Cs in the Lower House, the State attorney Edmundo bal, when he asked Carmen Calvo If they would be willing to enter into the negotiation, he replied to the Vice President of the Government that Cs was not for the job, according to sources familiar with the conversation.

“The problem is not the parties that sit down, but that there are parties that still distribute the seats of the judges,” insisted Rodríguez, who added that Cs, unlike “parties of doubtful morality with corruption », Continues« to advocate for a judicial system that is totally independent ». «Naive the PP cannot be. Until now, when the distribution was between PP and PSOE both gave part of their quota to nationalist parties. We have seen judges elected by the PNV and the CiU. That [decir que Podemos no entrará en el reparto] it is lying to citizens and that is also corruption, “said the spokeswoman for Cs.

Finally, he has compared this negotiation with the selection of the new directors of RTVE and has criticized that there is a presentation in Congress with more than 96 appearances with which, according to her, the PSOE and PP also intend to share “the TVE quota.” «To work for the end of the pandemic, for a vaccination plan, for the General Budgets (…), there is never an agreement. When it comes to dividing up the judges or RTVE, yes. Corruption is dividing up the judges, “he concluded, criticizing that different parties affected by corruption cases have a voice in which magistrates sit in the CGPJ.

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