Citizens label the campaign “I buy in Toledo” as “stingy”




The Municipal Citizens Group has described as “stingy and insufficient” the ‘I buy in Toledo’ campaign with which the City Council joins the promotion of Christmas shopping in local and neighborhood stores.

“We are glad that the PSOE is backing down and what yesterday seemed like a bad idea is today a good initiative,” said the group’s spokesman, Esteban Paños, who added that “what does surprise us is that now, with 2,400 euros, they are going to solve the problems of local commerce.”

The mayor recalled that, in October, his group presented a motion to the plenary to allocate 150,000 euros to a campaign of direct discount-vouchers in support of local commerce, an initiative that has been developed successfully in cities such as Valladolid or Burgos, as reported by Ciudadanos in a press release.

“The local government of the PSOE voted against arguing that this type of initiative does not solve the structural problems of local commerce, that it was not a demand from merchants and that, even, this type of initiative generated problems”, explained Paños, who refers to the statements of the councilor for economic promotion and employment, Francisco Rueda collected in the minutes of the plenary session.

This Thursday, however, he said, the area councilor “surprised” by announcing the ‘I buy in Toledo’ campaign to encourage Christmas shopping in local stores. The initiative plans to raffle 12 bonds of 200 euros -which means un total amount of 2,400 euros– to consume in the hotel and catering establishments. Neighbors who make purchases over 20 euros in neighborhood shops will be eligible for the vouchers, explained the mayor of Ciudadanos.

«Welcome any help that reverts to shops in the vicinity of Toledo and in the hoteliers who are having such a bad time, “said the local spokesman for Ciudadanos, to whom it continues to be” ridiculous that the PSOE that refuses to create a Local Trade Board, which refuses to launch bonds -direct discounts worth 150,000 euros now, all of a sudden, I intend to reactivate local business by investing 2,400 euros in a campaign that is clearly insufficient under the circumstances.

Cloths has concluded that «what local commerce needs and the sectors that are experiencing the worst are certainties and not a local government that suddenly changes its criteria every week as is the case with the PSOE of Toledo».

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