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Originality and own style to weather the sedan crisis. Citroen returns to this market with the new C5 X, a groundbreaking proposal that fuses the concepts of SUV, family car and large saloon to target the three mainstays of the market at the same time. The new model, manufactured in China, will be launched in September, and the first units will arrive in Spain at the end of the year.

The successor to the C5, which will coexist with the C5 Aircross SUV, is a 4.8-meter car with a very peculiar design. It combines a higher-than-usual ground clearance and certain touches of off-road design – such as some huge 720mm wheels or the protections on the wheel arches-, to steal customers from a segment so fashionable that it is in fact cannibalizing the sales of classic saloons.

In addition, its particular drop from the ceiling allows it to also offer some touches of family vehicle, the body that best withstands the crisis of this type of models. With all this in the same car, Citroën wants to regain ground in a niche where, in the past, it dazzled with proposals such as the Traction Avant, the CX, the XM or the Xantia.

Its great assets, in addition to design, will be space and ride comfort. The C5X offers a spacious 545-liter boot, with a low threshold for easy loading and unloading. Inside you can travel five occupants with comfort, thanks for example to a 188 mm clearance for the knees and a width of 1431 mm for the elbows. It also has Citroën Advanced Comfort seats, with a “chocolate tablet” design, and Advanced Comfort suspension with hydraulic stops that, for the first time, can be adaptive.

Thus, in the versions with mechanical Híbrida enchufable (PHEV) It can be varied between three different positions: Sport, Normal and Comfort. This mechanics, by the way, will allow you to roll more than 50 km in one hundred percent electric mode. And in principle it will be the top of the range, with 225CV, ahead of the PureTech 130 and 180CV gasoline engines, all of them always associated with an automatic box and front-wheel drive -without a total option, at least for now-.

Inside, the big news is the premiere of a new infotainment system, with a large 12-inch horizontal screen configurable as a tablet. In addition, the instrumentation panel is digital, and is reinforced with a head-up display extendido that projects information over an area equal to 21 inches.

The model will be assembled in Chengdou (China) on the EMP2 platform of the extinct PSA group (now integrated in Stellantis together with Fiat Chrysler).

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