Ciudad Real will have a virtual card that will allow you to buy a ticket for the bus or rent the sports facilities



The residents of Ciudad Real will have a virtual citizen card that will allow them to buy a ticket for the bus, a ticket for the Quijano Theater, rent the sports facilities or interact with the different municipal services from a single application. The spokeswoman for the City Council, Sara Martínez, explained that they have been “working on this project for some time, which is going to be very satisfactory and useful for the city.”

The Local Government Board has approved this Monday the specifications for the provision of the development, implementation, guarantee and maintenance service of the software and hardware supply necessary for this project, which will be co-financed with European funds. This identification system will have the possibility of recharging and payment with possible benefits or discounts for groups.

There will also be an impact on “loyalty to local commerce, all the tourist information of the city will be integrated with the possibility of geolocation of places and visualization via map, museums, tourist routes will be proposed and, in addition, it will be compatible with all procedures administrative that are carried out in the City Council ». The mobile application will be available for smartphones on Android and iOS platforms.

The public contract will be 466,000 euros and will last for ten years: four for implementation and six for maintenance. The winning company must offer training to municipal workers and open an office to promote this project.

On the other hand, the Governing Board has awarded the company Everycode SL a minor contract for navigation on municipal websites for 4,186.60 euros. These are: “”, “”, “”, “” and “”. The work of this company will consist of creating an accessibility and usability tool that allows citizens to access content and services regardless of their physical, mental or sensory circumstances.

Finally, the Governing Board has approved the hiring file for the acquisition of three other Compressed Natural Gas urban buses, similar to those that were presented a week ago, for an estimated value of 943,800.

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