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The startup Clinpify is determined to give a twist to the model of ‘delivery’ platforms and the ‘riders’ … applying it to cleaning cars. The service he proposes consists of the collection, washing and delivery of the clean vehicle, not only at home. “You can order a wash at the office, at home or at the bar while you are with friends, and we will deliver your clean car to you in 30 minutes,” explains Alberto Zarco Santiago, CEO and co-founder of Clinpify.

The digital platform has developed algorithms that reduce service times establishing the perfect union between the ‘washers’ (those in charge of collecting the vehicles), the location of each order and the center where the washing will be carried out.

From the user’s perspective, the process has three steps. First of all choose the type of washing you want. The most basic has a value of 12.99 euros and increases depending on the type of cleaning you want, such as upholstery or polishing.

Second, the car is delivered and, finally, it is paid for when it is received clean. From Clinpify they ensure that the user should not have any concern when leaving the vehicle to the ‘washer’, since all are “selected, trained and hired by ourselves to guarantee the highest quality and safety in the service”, assures the CEO. With regard to the conditions of the workers, Zarco assure that they use “a hybrid model adapted to the new Rider Law”, in which all the ‘washers’ are part of the General Social Security Scheme and the company goes to ETTs “to cover the demand peaks ”. A proposal that allows them to “scale the model with people in a flexible way.”

The secret of being able to provide the service in an economical way is not only due to the algorithm that makes the movement of the ‘washers’ more efficient, but also to what Clinpify has called “the ‘speedy’ washing system”, that is to say, fast . A system that “has been custom designed” to offer maximum speed in service “Without affecting the results.” “We know in detail where to start cleaning the ‘washer’, what products to use at all times, the optimal amount of product to use, etc”, shares the CEO.

Expansion underway

The company, which is not even six months old, was brewing in the form of an idea in Zarco’s brain “for at least three years” before he decided to reach out to the co-founders, Raúl Salazar (current CTO) and Rubén Guerrero (current CPO). “I couldn’t wait to get up one day and see that someone else had launched a similar project successfully,” confesses the CEO, who already has his sights set on a first round of financing of 150,000 euros with the aim of continuing the growth of the startup and the launch of Clinpify in new cities, such as Barcelona or Valencia, “before the end of the year.”

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