Color, diversity and movement to say goodbye to Tokyo 2020 and open Paris

Special Envoy to Tokyo



Tokyo 2020 turns off the cauldron of the Paralympic Games, after 15 days of competition, emotions, medals, records and a message of conciliation, hope and inclusion delivered to the world in each competition of the 4,500 leading athletes of this event.

And Tokyo wanted to say goodbye to this event with a colorful party, with 2,000 athletes enjoying the moment, the dancers deployed all over the stage to the rhythm of the music of DJ Uppercut & Sasuke and the breakdance moves of Moriko, visually impaired. They showed four large platforms in which they offered a global vision of Tokyo, with a fighting video game, the streets of the city, a music video game and karaoke.

Then the flag of Japan entered, the authorities, with Andrew Parsons, president of the International Paralympic Committee, and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Akishino, the two Afghan athletes, and the flag bearers of each country, with Marta Fernández for Spain. On the stage, different emblematic buildings of Tokyo, such as the Rainbow Bridge or the Skytree tower, but one that, without the standard bearers, could not be completed, in a message of unity and diversity that these Games have wanted to underline from day one.


The city of Tokyo came to life, with the performance of the musical group ‘El tempo’, whose director, Kavka Shisheido, directs the rhythm with sign language. Percussion, rhythm, joy and color to give entrance to fifty dancers who exemplified that diversity shines wherever it goes.

And where he is going now is to France. Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, picked up the flag baton. A group of wheelchair dancers exemplified the handover of the Paralympic movement to the French capital, representing a dance with their arms from 2020 to 2024.

And from Tokyo to Paris, where the French welcomed the call. On the Champs Elysees in Paris, hundreds of people came to celebrate that in three years it is their turn to host the Games. Of soundtrack, the pulses of the French paraplegic DJ Pone, who composes the music from his bed with the only movement of his eyes.

After the thanks of the International Paralympic Committee and the organizing committee, ‘What a wonderful world’ was the most emotional moment to accompany the closing of the cauldron, which extinguishes its flame here and today. But it will continue in three years in Paris.

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