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The data is once again good again, but we must not lower our guard. That is why you cannot have on the horizon, at least for the moment, any greater relaxation than those that currently exist in the middle level. Mainly an increase in the hours of the hospitality industry, which now has to close at 6 pm. Especially since the figure in the UCI, although it continues its setbacks, continues “high”. This is the explanation provided this Sunday in an interview on Radio Galega by the Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña.

The health officer stated that his occupation decreases “slower” than expectedTherefore, one must act with “great prudence” in the adoption of measures despite the fact that “the trend is good”. Comesaña affirms that these critics’ data are “much better than those of the rest of Spain”, although we must not lower our guard, since “they are still being high”. On Sunday a new decrease in the occupation of critics’ beds was confirmed, with 80 people, which means having two less than in the previous day. Currently in Galicia there are 302 people admitted to the plant with coronavirus, eight less.

“We have experiences of anticipating or making hasty decisions »said the councilor, who has considered that “everyone prefers to wait a little longer at each stage” to avoid a further increase in cases. And it is not only a matter of the ICUs, since the data still have to be consolidated and confirmed that the reopening of mobility, hospitality and the greater possibility of social gatherings do not cause a worsening of the situation or «No increase» of positives to be able, in this way, to «consolidate» the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Galicia. We will still have to wait “a little bit”, explained the councilor in the aforementioned interview, to confirm this point, and from there the hotel business hours could be extended and “the logical thing” would be to return to a model of restrictions like the one that had place “before January”.

On the other hand, he has insisted that With the data closest to the date of Easter, it will be with which to analyze the measures to be taken during those days. Because he insisted on reaching a “consensus” on the issue in the Interterritorial Council, since it “cannot be forced”. Thus, he showed the discontent of the Galician government with “the way in which the documents are filtered” or some conversations “are given as definitive.” If there is no agreement, he stressed, the Xunta will continue with its competences in health, as it has been doing since it took control of the management of the pandemic. The measures “will be better understood,” he said on public radio, if they “accommodate” the precise situation at that time, for which there are approximately three weeks left.

Comesaña also spoke about the vaccination of those over 80, noting that It is expected that this age group will end in the month of May if the same pace of arrival of vials continues. This vaccination occurs “at a good pace,” he noted. Although the estimates might have to be ‘corrected’ if the number of doses varies, both downward and upward. This week, Janssen’s single-dose vaccine is expected to be approved. Precisely, the councilor hopes that in a space of “a month and a month and a half” these vaccines will increase and thus also increase their supply. This will take “effort” and measures that are “commensurate” with that progress in the vaccination program.

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