“Comments from within the club do not help to have peace of mind”




The words of Carles Tusquets this past Thursday warning of the extreme economic situation of the club and ensuring that economically it would have been desirable to get rid of Leo Messi this past summer they continue to have a journey. TO Ronald Koeman He has not liked it one iota and has not hesitated to publicly reprimand the president of the management committee. We know about Leo’s situation. If there is one person who has to decide for his future, it is Leo himself. Comments from outside do not interest me. Feedback from within the club does not help us to have the peace of mind we need. We can’t control the outside, but the inside is different», Released the coach in a clear rock of attention towards Busquets. The Dutchman delved into Messi’s situation and assured that he has to be left alone: ​​“It may be a personal opinion of him (Tusquets). I respect any opinion but Messi has one more year with Barça. I hope he continues but it is he who must decide. As for the economic problem that the entity is experiencing and the decision not to receive the January payroll, the coach was calmly accepted: «The only thing I can say is that both the players and I have reached an agreement but I don’t know anything the problems that there are neither of the numbers of the club. It’s not my job. My job is for the team to play well. I am not worried, the only thing that worries me is that people might enter the field. Football has to be with the public ».

He had to go to the remove also after the words of Neymar, who asked to play next year with Messi. In this sense, Koeman prefers to have the two together at Barcelona than for the reunion to be in Paris: “As a club you must try to have the best players here,” he said. And he added that «I don’t like to speak individually but as a club, as a coach, as a player, as a culé … you want to have the best players in the world and if you can get them together in the same team, much better still ».

Koeman also appreciated the personal situation of some footballers. One of them is Samuel umtiti, who on Wednesday participated in a match with the subsidiary to check the evolution of his knee. «He has played 60 minutes in a training match with B. He had no discomfort and that means he is close. I don’t know when, but soon it will be on the list», Congratulated the technician, who did not want to venture on the need to strengthen himself during the winter market. “It is too early to talk about signings. We recovered Araújo, Umtiti is close. In January we will see how the staff is doing and we will speak with the new president. Too it depends if there is money or not», He explained.

The coach analyzed the good moment in a way that three players who have received criticism seem to go through, such as Braithwaite, Griezmann and Dembélé. «Braithwaite it is a “9” that lengthens the field, has depth, does a job that others can take advantage of. At the moment we must take advantage of it because it is very good and is effective, “he began. «The good time of Griezmann it depends on the players themselves. He is a great player and can play alongside different forwards and in different positions. I think that the change is not because we now have a “9”, but now it is more confident. It always starts with a mentality issue, “he added. And he concluded: «Dembele has improved physically. Any player needs to be physically fit to perform. I think he will gain confidence. He’s been happy lately. You can tell that he is happy and we continue working with him. I am very happy with his performance lately.

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