Compromís resorts to the propaganda of payment before the fullness of the PP in the bullring of Valencia




Compromís has opted for paid propaganda to counterprogram the Popular Party. Thus, the training led poe Joan Ribó and Mónica Oltra has “welcomed” the PP National Convention with a projection in a building in front of the Plaza de Toros de Valencia in which it could be read: “Married, please, do not leave without paying (again)”, in reference to the 2008 PP Congress at Feria Valencia.

The coalition has shown a video in a building in front of the arena which began with Bárcenas’ papers passed through a paper shredder in which one could read: “Welcome to Valencia, the city where you no longer steal.”

Compromís has issued the video on the occasion of the National Convention of the PP in Valencia, and as a result of the statements of its general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, who claimed that “Valencia has to go back to being what it was.”

The announcement is accompanied by a second video in which they affirm that “thanks to the arrival of the government of Joan Ribó, the city of Valencia has ceased to be an example of corruption, waste and ruin, to become the Valencia of neighborhoods, the bike, sustainability, the garden, the Albufera, the beaches, the diversity, the pride, the equality, the music, the culture, the faults and to become a better Valencia “.

From Commitment they consider “symptomatic” that practically all the people who will have a leading role in the convention “are, or have been related, to problems of corruption and administrative opacity.”

Thus, they have considered that the “non-renewal of the Valencian PP and the statements of García Egea They are a mockery of all Valencians and all Valencians“and that” if they come to Valencia to make fun of people, we answer them. “

“We are talking about the only party condemned for corruption in Europe and that criminal action is so deeply rooted within its DNA, that even those invited to its conventions are an example of corruption, as has happened to the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, found guilty of illegal financing in his electoral campaign one day after participating in the PP convention in Madrid. As long as corruption and looting depend on us, they will not again tarnish the good name of Valencia, “they have stated from Compromís.

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