Constitutionalists reply to the PSOE for calling “ignorant” whoever denounces the Castilian eradication




The platform University for Coexistence (UpC), who defends ideological neutrality in universities, has addressed a letter to the deputy and spokesperson for Education of the PSOE in Congress, María Luz Martínez Seijo, In which he expresses his discomfort over the statements that the Socialist deputy made on Monday to the digital newspaper “Elplural” in which he branded as ignorant those who argue that with the new Celaá law “Castilian will disappear from the classrooms.”

The collective of Catalan teachers assures in their letter that «the residual character of Spanish in primary and secondary schools in Catalonia is already a fact“And reminds him that” the compulsory linguistic immersion system for Spanish speakers is illegal, as the courts have repeatedly ruled. “

Universitaris per la Convivència considers it “hurtful” that a deputy with such a high responsibility accusation of seeking confrontation to those who defend a bilingual school in a bilingual society while «he is silent before those who hang posters in schools that say” Per un pais de tots, l’escola en català “(For a country of all, the school in Catalan)».

In the letter, UpC launches three last questions to Martínez Seijó that “seek to focus the debate on concrete facts to prevent public opinion from being intoxicated on an issue so nuclear for democratic coexistence.” Specific, urges the Socialist spokesperson for Education to “indicate in which public centers in Catalonia Spanish is, along with Catalan, the vehicular language of instruction, as established by the Constitutional Court. We do not know of any.

He also asks if there are no such centers, What will the Government of Spain do to ensure that the linguistic rights of Catalan students are respected, since ERC (responsible for educational policy in Catalonia) has already expressed, even in parliament, its willingness to continue maintaining the linguistic immersion system (monolingual school in Catalan)?

Finally, the platform asks him “how are training deficiencies in Spanish going to be detected if there are no common tests on knowledge of the Spanish language throughout the State?” “Are we to assume that, for training purposes, receiving 2/3 hours of Spanish per week does not matter as 20 hours of teaching in this language?” Universitaris per la Convivència trusts to receive an answer to their questions and that the PSOE Education Spokesperson will grant them an interview.

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