Construction of the new Calatayud waste plant will begin in March and will cost one million euros




Building the Construction of the new waste collection plant in Calatayud will begin in March, the works will last four months and will cost more than one million euros. That is the forecast that the Council of Zaragoza (DPZ), promoter of the Ecoprovincia network in which this future Calatayud waste center is incorporated.

Ecoprovincia will have a total of six waste transfer plants. These are centers in which the garbage collected daily in the municipalities of the whole province. In these plants, the waste will be compacted and prepared to be transferred to the Zaragoza Waste Treatment Center (CTRUZ).

This Ecoprovince network will make it possible to comply with European regulations, which oblige municipalities to recycle at least 50% of their domestic and commercial waste, as recalled by the president of the DPZ, Juan Antonio Sánchez Quero (PSOE).

Of the six plants that will make up the Ecoprovincia network, three are already under construction. Are those of La Almunia de Doña Godina, Ejea de los Caballeros and Quinto de Ebro. Between the three, they will receive 40,000 tons of waste annually from seven regions of the province. 968,334 euros are being invested in the La Almunia works and, when in operation, it will serve the regions of Valdejalón, El Aranda and Cariñena.

For its part, the construction of the Ejea de los Caballeros plant, which will serve the five Villas, will cost 768,383 euros. And that of Quinto de Ebro is being built with a budget of 756,465 euros and will serve the regions of Ribera Baja del Ebro, Campo de Belchite and Bajo Aragón-Caspe.

Calatayud, Alagón and Borja

The other three plants that remain to be built are those of Calatayud, Alagón and Borja. The first two are in the resolution phase of the tender called to award the works, they have an execution period of four months and it is expected that both works will begin around the month of March.

The installation of Calatayud has a tender budget of 1,084,982 euros and will receive waste from the Comarcas de Calatayud and Daroca, about 21,300 tons per year. For its part, Alagón has a tender budget of 991,741 euros and will serve the Ribera Alta del Ebro region, which represents around 10,300 tons per year.

In addition, the Zaragoza Provincial Council is processing the transfer of the transfer plant that currently exists in Borja. Once transferred, the facility will be renovated to adapt it to the needs of the Ecoprovincia service.

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