consumers expect to spend less and cut back on entertainment and restaurants




The consumers Valencians they will cut in spending in this campaign Christmas, above all, in leisure and restaurants, so as not to do so in the shopping cart, in meals at home and in toys, according to a survey by the Valencian Association of Consumers and Users (Avacu), given the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Specifically, when it comes to having to make a cut in their expenses, 44.03% of Valencians say they would do so at leisure, followed, by 30.03%, by those who would cut back on meals outside the home .

As reported by the association, about 36% of the consumers surveyed affirm that they will maintain their spending with respect to the previous year and the percentage of those who affirm that their outlay will be greater decreases, from 18.13% in 2019 to 6 , 14% in 2020.

With respect to the estimate of expenditure, the percentage of undecided: something more than a 31%, As of today, he would not be able to calculate his expenses for these holidays, an uncertainty that has its origin in the current situation generated by the pandemic.

Also, a 36,36% plans to spend less from 500 euros and 21.87% affirm that they will spend between 500 and 1,000 euros.

And the percentage of those who have a forecast of expenditure of 1,000 to 1,500 euros decreases and also the percentage of those who plan to spend more than 1,500 euros.

Gifts, priority

The sector that generates the most spending for Valencians continues to be the purchase of gifts, with a somewhat lower percentage than in 2019, and spending on meals outside the home and leisure decreases, while investment in meals at home and in lottery.

Regarding where they plan to buy toys, 32% say that they will go to the physical store to buy them, while 12.1% will buy on the internet on web pages that have a physical store and 5.2% will make the purchase of toys on e-commerce platforms without a physical store.

Regarding the purchase of other gifts, 34% will go physically to a large area and 25.1% to small businesses and 14.1% will purchase them on the internet “on websites with a physical store, compared to 9.4% it will do it on web pages without a physical store “.

In relation to foods for the celebrations to be held at home, consumers will go mainly to large stores, hypermarkets O supermarkets (50.6%), compared to 20.7% who will buy in small businesses or specialized stores and 19.5% who will do so in municipal markets, while only 2.2% will buy food ” on-line”.

For all this, Avacu remembers a series of recommendations for festive dates such as “being rational in expenses, trying to put aside the advertising pressure and preparing a prior budget based on our income, without forgetting the fixed expenses we have.”

It also recommends “avoid last minute rush and anticipating purchases “, comparing prices in different establishments and avoiding, this year more than ever, agglomerations.

Also ask about the possibility, terms and conditions of exchanges and returns offered by each establishment and, in the case of promotions, check their conditions prior to purchase.

In food products, Avacu remembers to pay special attention to the expiration and best before dates and, in the case of toys, to verify the recommended age, instructions and warnings for use and safety, as well as to demand full labeling, and request the ticket or invoice in all our purchases.

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