Cooking rich, healthy and cheap is easier with smart utensils

Nutritionists say that some of the reasons why we eat unhealthily have to do with poor food choices and a lack of imagination when preparing them to make them work. tasty and attractive. But it is also important to know the healthier cooking techniques and kitchen utensils that make our lives easier.

The good choice of food it starts at the grocery store. Ideally, fresh products (vegetables, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, eggs and dairy), as well as legumes and foods made with whole wheat flours, such as pasta, rice and bread, should prevail in the shopping basket. But it is also important, as the experts insist, that we reduce or even eliminate what unbalances the nutritional balance, that is, precooked dishes, frozen pizzas, empanadas, sausages, industrial pastries and pastries or snacks salty, among others, as they are rich in saturated fat, added sugars and excess salt, which is why they are harmful to health.

Once our refrigerator and our pantry are full of healthy foods, it is time to prepare them with the cooking techniques and utensils that facilitate the task of turning them into tasty and attractive dishes, because, as the experts assure, only enjoying while If you eat, you can create adherence to healthy eating habits. The Premium stainless steel cooking system from
, for example, it allows cooking to always be carried out at a controlled temperature, which helps to maintain the real flavor of food and to preserve its vitamins and minerals. It is perfect for healthy cooking without sacrificing flavor. According to the firm’s experts, each roast cooked without fat with the AMC system provides 140 fewer calories, which is equivalent to about 34,000 calories per year.

In the case that oil is used, temperature control is also an advantage as it helps the oil never reach the point of smoke and that the food remains juicy and crisp. As for vegetables, being able to cook them without water preserves the nutrients better than with any other cooking system. Thus, the spinach that is cooked with this method conserve three times more its amount of vitamin B and the carrots preserve up to four times more its content in magnesium.

With AMC it is possible to grill without adding fat and achieve the best results. The secret is to always choose those “good fats” and always add them at the end of cooking to fully enjoy the aroma without burned fats, which are also harmful to health.

Smart systems that save us

The smart kitchen system saves time and energy in the kitchen. A key point now that electricity prices continue to rise. In fact, the AMC cooking system accumulates heat quickly thanks to its capsular bottom, allowing cooking at low heat or even off. It also includes a control of cooking times and temperatures, Audiotherm, which warns and informs about the cooking process.

By communicating with the Navigenio ceramic hob, Audiotherm regulates the heat and the cooking process and can even be controlled remotely. Thanks to AMC’s first application, AMC Cook & Go, fully connected to the pot and pan system, Navigenio and Audiotherm, it is possible to control cooking even via mobile or tablet from anywhere.

Grilling without adding fat helps reduce the total calories in the dish, and cooking without the need for water preserves valuable nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

An example that allows this culinary versatility in a single utensil is the HotPan frying pan with a removable handle, with a steel bottom and non-stick properties.

This frying pan is an indispensable ally in the kitchen with which to grill without adding fat, cook without adding water and fry quickly, easily and, above all, healthy. It is compatible with the Navigenio portable cooktop and with any fire (including induction). It also allows cooking and even baking in the pan itself, with which we can make, for example, a dish as delicious as a Greek cake filled with spinach and feta. You can find more ideas and recipes if you visit

Greek pie filled with spinach and feta

The recipe, step by step

1. Place the pan on the Navigenio and heat to level 6 until reaching the cutlet window, lower to level 2 and add the spinach along with a little olive oil, cover and grill.

2. Uncover, stir and finish cooking the spinach, turning. Remove and let cool.

3. In a bowl, beat the egg, crumble the feta cheese and add the raisins. Stir until smooth and add the spinach. Mix well.

4. On a surface, spread 2 sheets of filo dough with a little oil and place one on top of the other. Add the spinach filling to the dough and roll, wrapping the filling with the filo dough until you get a not very thick cylinder. Repeat the process with the rest of the filling and filo dough until you get 4 filled filo dough rollers.

5. Roll the rollers on themselves, as if it were an ensaimada, until obtaining something similar to a cake, as round as possible. With the help of the pan lid, cut the greaseproof paper and place the cake on top of the paper.

6. Place the pan on the Navigenio and heat to level 6 until the chop window is reached. Remove the pan from the Navigenio and place on a heat resistant surface. Uncover and place the parchment paper along with the cake inside the pan. Turn the Navigenio off to use as a mini oven (inverted on top of the pan) and bake with residual heat for approx. 8-10 minutes until the desired browning is achieved. Remove the Navigenio and serve.

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