Cs and Vox leave the PP alone with its plan B against the state of alarm




The Plan B of the Popular Party to be able to face the pandemic with alternative legal tools to state of alarm wrecked yesterday in the Plenary of Congress. The center-right broke into pieces in a debate in which, on the one hand, Ciudadanos took the opportunity to distance themselves from the PP with a rejection of its reform, and on the other, Vox lashed out harshly against the popular and specifically against its spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, which he accused of posing only “nonsense.”

Gamarra had sought a dialogue with all parliamentary groups to explain the Proposal for an organic law for the protection of health and fundamental rights and duties and ask for their support. The attempt collided with the disdain of most groups, and only achieved the complicity of the PNV, Asturias Forum, Canary Coalition and UPN. Consideration of the law was rejected by 98 votes in favor, 249 against and 1 abstention.

Gamarra expressed his surprise especially for the Citizen rejection, who only a few months ago, when he supported the last extensions of the first state of alarm, put as a condition that an alternative legal plan be approved. “I do not know what has changed so that Citizens have gone from demanding a legal plan B from the Government to saying that today it is not necessary, when the pandemic has not ended and they have to continue fighting the virus,” said the spokeswoman for the PP.

Gamarra accused the Government of Sánchez for not having done their homework when he could: “Legislative laziness has been able to do so.” The second wave surprised the Government without having implemented any reform, and finally it was forced to approve another state of alarm, for six months, to be able to give legal instruments to the communities with which to fight against the virus. The PP abstained in order not to leave the regions helpless, but has already warned that a legal reform should be approved in two months to put an end to the exceptional situation that is a state of alarm.

The idea of ​​the popular ones has not seemed to interest the least to most of the groups, who thus applaud the state of alarm six months without the need for an alternative.

According to Gamarra, it is not admissible to tell Spaniards that there is no other possibility than the state of alarm until this pandemic ends, because “there is an alternative between the state of alarm and nothingness” so as not to subject society to restriction absolute rights and freedoms, which is the plan B jurídico del PP.

Vox and «doña Cuca»

To defend his vote against, the Vox deputy José María Sánchez García He opted for a personal attack: “Doña Cuca, I liked Doña Cayetana better.” “I do not know who wrote his speech, but he does not know what he said and has not understood anything,” he said. In his view, it is a misleading proposition, lacking in legal and political sense, full of “nonsense”, and not going to the root of the problems. The Vox deputy accused the PP spokesperson of saying “nonsense” and encouraged him to ask his “advisor” to find out better. He even recommended “Dona Cuca” to go back to college.

Gamarra regretted the “arrogance, machismo and lack of legal rigor” of the Vox deputy. «Spaniards deserve a bit of seriousness, respect and being up to the task. We are talking about more than 70,000 people who have died, “he recalled. The Vox deputy took note and replied that the male chauvinist it was her.

At that point, the quarrel between Vox and the PP was more interested than the proposition under examination. Some spokesmen took the opportunity to reproach Vox for his words, such as Edmundo Bal (Cs), who showed his solidarity to Gamarra. Of course, he made it clear that his party would vote against the initiative of the PP, because in his opinion it does not serve “nor as plan Z”. He also proposed limiting by law the extensions of the state of alarm to 30 days. Junts per Catalunya also came out in defense of the Popular Group spokesperson by assuring that they would “never” say that what the PP presents is full of “nonsense.”

For him PSOE, Ana Prieto affirmed that the “big mistake” of the PP is “wanting to get political revenue from this pandemic.” He demanded that the popular people be “patriots” and support the government’s plans. From ERC all powers were demanded for the Generalitat, and incidentally the PP was accused of letting “people die in the pandemic” with its right-wing policies.

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