Csif denounces that Social Security only recognizes 10% of infections as work accidents



The Central Sindical Independiente y de Servants (Csif), the most representative union in public administrations and with a growing presence in the private sector, has denounced on World Day for Safety and Health at Work the situation of many workers due to the pandemic. Employees from all walks of life in essential services, Csif says in a statement, have been exposed to the virus for more than a year. “However, we see that occupational health surveillance is still a pending subject in Spain. From the outset, the indicators show us a deficit in the recognition of labor contingencies and benefits that derive from the contagion of the virus, “they lament.

According to the union, despite the fact that last February Covid-19 was recognized as an occupational diseaseTo date, Social Security has not recognized any case. “This is so because despite the Government’s announcement, Covid today is not an occupational disease and is only considered for the purposes of the benefit. This means that when the pandemic ends its aftermath cannot be justified as a damage derived from his job, ”says Csif, who also regrets that the Work Accident Statistics for last year and the first two months of 2021 (latest available data) only recognizes 24 deaths and 12,185 work accidents due to Covid-19. These figures, says the union, do not reflect the reality of the effects of the pandemic among workers.

“If we compare the statistics, we see that until February of this year there were 12,325 work accidents due to Covid-19 among health personnel, 22 of them fatal, according to the Ministry of Labor. However, Sanidad raises the number of infections in the same period to more than 125,691»Says the statement, which remarks that only 10% of the cases in health personnel are being recognized as occupational accidents.

After Health personnel, says Csif, according to the same statistics from the Ministry of Labor, the economic activities in which work accidents are registered are: residences (only 165 and no fatal case despite the special virulence of the virus in this sector); public administration and defense (84 accidents and 0 deaths) and other activities (11 accidents and 0 deaths).

From Csif they denounce the obstacles that are being produced by the prevention services of the Administration and private companies, as well as by the Social Security to the recognition of this professional contingency and its corresponding benefits. «This circumstance, derived from the chaos in the management of sick leave (they are counted as sick leave instead of an accident at work) generates a lack of protection and economic loss: duties and productivity are no longer perceived, among other concepts, and compensation for sequelae is lost, “he says.

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