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09:30Ximo Puig studies the reopening of nightlife from September 6 in the de-escalation of restrictions
The president of the Generalitat points out that the new scenario will be approached with the “utmost prudence” given the slow drop in hospitalizations.
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09:15New restrictions in Valencia until September 6 due to the coronavirus
The curfew and the limitation of social gatherings remain in force in 68 locations.
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09:00Fallas 2021: the Generalitat Valenciana does not specify if there will be music bands in the September Offering
Ximo Puig is in favor of musicians participating in the parties but advocates waiting to know the evolution of the pandemic.
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08:45The Valencian Community adds another twelve deaths from coronavirus while the incidence continues to decline
The healthcare pressure continues to fall in hospitals and Covid-19 infections stabilize in autonomy.
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08:30Map and list by municipalities of the last outbreaks of coronavirus in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón
The Ministry of Health notifies three new outbreaks of Covid-19 and one of them adds a score of positives.
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08:15A 58-year-old woman who had refused to be vaccinated dies in Elda from coronavirus
The patient was admitted to the ICU of the Alicante hospital due to complications derived from the infection.
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08:10The Valencian Community will vaccinate those positive for coronavirus two months after being infected
Health reduces to eight weeks the period set so far in half a year after passing the infection.
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08:00Map of the coronavirus by municipalities in the Valencian Community
The cumulative incidence in the region continues to stand at extreme risk despite the drop in infections.
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07:45This is how the Fallas 2021 will be: offering without public and mandatory mask at outdoor events in Valencia
The Generalitat Valenciana closes with the Fallas representatives a reduced program for the celebration of the holidays from September 1 to 5.
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