Dabiz Muñoz, the best chef in the world, sentences the debate in ‘El Hormiguero’: the tortilla, without onion



«The day after collecting the award I woke up with a hangover of emotions and I went to DiverXO with the feeling that now I have to change everything». Hardly anyone would guess that these words have come from the mouth of the brand new best chef of the year and the world, but yes. Dabiz Muñoz He has visited ‘El Hormiguero’ tonight giving a lesson on how to face success; the excuse, the recent awards held in Amsterdam that have chosen him as number 1 among the 100 chefs in the world.

At 41, David Muñoz, in addition to being an expert in kicking spelling to establish his personal brand, is no longer just one of the best-known chefs in Spain; it is also international. Accumulate three Michelin stars in DiverXO, but recognizes that after 15 years he continues to digest the triumph. For this he has been going to a psychologist for a year who is helping him “contextualize success, pressure, and live a happier life.” Placed by the chef normalizing in ‘prime time’ the importance of taking care of mental health.

Also lecture very sensibly about what that success entails. He admits, in fact, that he handles failure much better. «Like everyone else in life I have had many episodes in which I have failed, I have fallen many times. If I am very proud of something, it is that I have been able to get up super fast. I believe that the attitude towards failure has made me who I am. I can’t say the same for my attitude to success. Faced with failure, I grow, and success is hard for me to focus intelligently », reflects as Paulo Coelho.

Spain, the country where you eat the best?

He gets less wet when Pablo Motos has asked him, as a result of the four Spanish chefs in the top 10 of the ranking of the best in the world, if Spain is the country where you eat the best. It recognizes, yes, that in our country tWe have chefs who are “the most” and who have been for many years. «If there is a consequence of all the good things that are being done in Spanish gastronomy with very big names, who have been traveling the Spanish gastronomic culture for many years, it is that a guy like me, who is from a different generation, they can recognize me internationally, “he says.

In particular, he assures, try to be the best version of yourself every day, knowing that “as a cook I still have a lot to learn.” “In a pandemic, I decided to make paellas, or rather, rice in paella.” Well, after showing the photo of one of those creations they declare him persona ‘non grata’ in Valencia for the rest of his life.


Although the juiciest part of the interview has come almost to the end, when he has exclusively revealed an interesting string of details about a new restaurant that will open its doors at the end of the year. The presenter has escaped that his name is RabioXO; It will be, according to Muñoz, something very different from what he has done with his team so far. “We want to redefine our codes as a restaurant company and when it comes to cooking,” he adds.

Advance that the new establishment will be encompassed around the world pasta. «Imagine that you take the concept of pasta and decontextualize it from any gastronomic culture. You elevate it outside of everything and you leave it devoid of anything that you understand what pasta is. From there we are going to start creating our own restaurant and our own language around this set of foods ».

He is not afraid to risk. That is why “we are going to skip a lot of rules and tear down a lot of dogmas, some of which are going to have a lot to do with the dumpling world. It will be a constant dialogue between Italy, China, Turkey, Argentina, etc. Something very crazy, creatively very free, and very groundbreaking »Very clear, right?

And as a final fireworks, Trancas and Barrancas have come into play to subject the chef to the supercommitted supertest of the chef from whom he has not only succeeded, but has also sentenced one of the debates that most divide Spaniards: potato omelette with or without onion . ‘Offended’ by the question, his answer is a blunt without onion. «I understand why people like tortilla with onion, but It seems to me that that sweet and slightly challenged touch of the poached onion that it gives to the potato and the egg is not necessary, it takes it to a level below. Cutting and putting in your mouth a good potato omelette with a free-range egg, lightly golden brown, curd on the outside, very undercooked and creamy is simply perfection ». It is the word of the best chef in the world.

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