Darias warns that “the masks are here to stay while there is flu or other viruses”




Less than fifty cases of Covid for every one hundred thousand inhabitants It has allowed the autonomous communities to lift many of the restrictions imposed over these twenty months to control the pandemic. Nevertheless, the end of using the mask indoors will have to wait.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, assured this Wednesday that «The mask is here to stay», as long as citizens have to live with “viruses such as influenza or others that usually appear in the autumn time.” «We are clear that at least for a while the masks will continue with us. Spain was one of the first countries to regulate the safety distance in outdoor spaces so as not to have to wear a mask but we know the importance of its use indoors where the transmission by aerosols is proven, “said Darias, during the press conference after the meeting of the Interterritorial Council.

The words of the minister coincided this Wednesday with the announcement of the Catalan Minister of Health, Josep María Argimon, of soon withdraw the use of masks in schools. Although he wanted to avoid setting dates for this next step towards normality, the counselor assured during a socio-sanitary breakfast organized by Ep in Madrid that the first space in which its use will be withdrawn will be in the school, as is already done in other European countries.

Without explicitly mentioning Catalonia, Darias recalled, however, that the use of the mask is regulated by law. “As long as this legislation exists we will have to continue to comply with it”, he asserted. «The culture of care is here to stay. It must be said very clearly: the virus is still there and in fact cases are detected although to a lesser extent due to the successful vaccination campaign, but we must continue to be vigilant and use those measures that are effective, such as the use of a mask, “he insisted.

Ten months after the arrival of the first doses, 87.8 percent of the target population already has the complete guideline. “The degree of coverage is impressive,” said Darias, who recalled that the latest wave of the virus has caused ten times fewer deaths and three times less admissions to the ICU than the previous one.

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