De-escalation of restrictions; Valencian hoteliers reject a reopening only with terraces




The controversy over the de-escalation of the coronavirus restrictions in Valencian The Business Coordinator of Leisure and Hospitality of the Valencian Community (CEOH) rejects a partial opening of bars and restaurants that only allows the blind to be raised to the premises that have a terrace, warning that it would mean “reaching the month of April with bankruptcy of more than 8,000 establishments without terrace “.

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On the contrary, it is committed to a de-escalation that allows the interiors to be opened in a viable way and formulas that ensure maximum safety, as the unified gauges. The Interdepartmental table of the Generalitat for the management of the crisis Covid-19 meets on Thursday afternoon to make decisions regarding the end of the restrictions in force next Monday, March 1.

CEOH has transferred its requests to the Minister of Universal Health this Monday in writing, Ana Barceló, and the regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, as a de-escalation plan proposal.

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Among them, he again demanded that the Consell raise the “veto and punishment” for being one of the most critical voices in the sector and their integration into the negotiating table, something that the general director of Social Dialogue Coordination, Zulima Pérez, told them at the meeting on February 11. “It is inconceivable that now they are leaving out an autonomous organization, formally constituted, and representing 16 associations from the three provinces,” he denounces.

This organization also reproaches members of the Valencian government for launching “probe balloons” of how and when the reopening will be through the media, “without having agreed or finalized a clear proposal or made a final decision, either at the aforementioned dialogue table or within the Council itself.”

“Right now, the lack of decorum on the part of politicians, acting at the blow of headlinesis generating enormous concern and despair among hoteliers for whom the decisions made in the coming days will be key to their survival and future, “he warns.

Before the “no one” on the part of the regional Executive, this coordinator advances that she will present this Tuesday 23, by check-in, her proposals so that “sitting or not” at the table are heard.

Some measures that go through the reopening of terraces with a unified capacity criterion throughout the Community without creating “comparative grievances or discrimination”, as well as the opening of the interiors of the premisesusing technological tools so that enclosed spaces are safe.

It also requires the imminent approval of a second phase of the ‘Resist’ plan, with an endowment of 500 million for the hospitality and leisure sector, and communication campaigns to regain the public’s confidence after “months with the focus of contagion in the catering establishments.”

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