Dialogue between the Government and the Venezuelan opposition advances with a view to “partial agreements”


The Government of Nicolás Maduro and the Unitary Platform of Venezuela, which brings together the main opposition parties, have advanced this Saturday in the second phase of the dialogue they hold in Mexico City with an eye “mainly” on the preparation of ” partial agreement “.

This was stated by the head of the government delegation, Jorge Rodríguez, before the media at the exit of the second session of the new round of dialogue, when he stressed that the possible agreements being addressed are “above all” related with “care for the Venezuelan people.”

Rodríguez has affirmed that the negotiations are progressing in a “cordial atmosphere”, which “implies a positive element”, although he has acknowledged that he will have to “sweat his shirt” in the talks.

Also, it has specified that the negotiating team of the Government of Nicolás Maduro is “very attentive” regarding the economic guarantees, which have been “cut off, blocked, stolen, stolen from the people of Venezuela,” reports the Venezuelan media ‘Globovisión’.

In this sense, he explained that the priority for the government delegation is the recovery of assets controlled by the opposition for having the recognition of countries like the United States, which has an impact on the daily life of the population.

“We come here to look for mechanisms so that all the Venezuelan people benefit from this effort of dialogue, we bring points that directly affect the daily life of Venezuelans,” he insisted.

In this regard, Rodríguez stressed that the dialogue is “a very good opportunity” for Venezuelans to “regain their right to economic freedom, their right to maintain the constitutional channel from which no one should have ever left.”

“The work is very hard and I think there is a willingness, in the case of the government delegation, to put all our efforts so that we can get partial agreements soon,” he concluded.


For his part, the leader of the opposition delegation, Gerardo Blyde, has previously stated that the dialogue takes place with “commitment” and “work” to “produce agreements on humanitarian emergencies.”

“These agreements seek to alleviate the humanitarian crisis to some extent, but all Venezuelans know that there will be no permanent solution to our deep economic crisis as long as there is no democracy, which means autonomous institutions, respect for Human Rights, return to constitutional order, rules clear coexistence and that Venezuelans can freely choose their destiny, “he pointed out.

Likewise, it has ratified its “commitment” to work to reach these agreements within the framework of dialogue that, it has added, believes that it should “open” a “space where the need to abandon the stubbornness of the model that has only brought hunger is agreed. and misery (…) and “give back to the people the voice that indicates where to go.”

On the other hand, he has called to open the process to various social sectors to receive their ideas, reports the opposition Communication Center.

For his part, the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who is part of the Unitary Platform, has said that the opposition is in Mexico in search of an agreement “to address the emergency, achieve conditions for free and fair elections and the rescue of democracy. “.

At today’s meeting, the opposition and the Government have shared the negotiating table with Russia and the Netherlands, the accompanying countries, as reported by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, a mediator country in the dialogue, which has shared the first official photo of the process .

On the other hand, the Mexican Foreign Minister, who is hosting the meetings, has given this Saturday “the most cordial welcome” to the parties. “We wish them the best of success,” he wrote on his Twitter profile.

On Friday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price celebrated the start of the second round of contacts between the opposition and the Government of Venezuela in Mexico.

This new dialogue has the mediation of Norway and the support of Mexico as a neutral territory for the negotiations. The current round of negotiations ends next Monday.

On everyone’s mind are the regional and local elections on November 21, in which for the first time in three years the Unitary Platform has offered to participate, which once again recovers the common flag of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD). ), with which the opposition achieved its latest electoral successes.


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