Diego Ventura, the absolute truth on horseback

Arles (France)



It was the day of the alternative Duarte Fernandes, a young Lusitanian promise who received the bull as the canons order on her left hand. With ‘Artist’ he starred in an intense third of flags: after a first failure, he nailed four sticks while looking to cross the opposing python. With ‘Líbano’ he put a short one, but the most forceful thing was the death grind to Los Espartales. Legs up fell this number 26 of the ceremony, which cut off an ear.

His uncle celebrated it, Rui Fernandeyes, almost more than the nephew. But the godfather did not want to be left behind … After a couple of laps around the bull (shod with the 27th), he placed a penalty with ‘Magico’ on his rival. With a rolled thrush he fought with his rump and, after going to the other end of the arena, in front of pig pens, he went to the bull, crossed the opposing python and put on a good pair. More misguided in the next, he continued with pirouettes before letting himself touch his hindquarters. Two roses preceded the final grille, excessively opposite and somewhat rear. With more voices than handkerchiefs – there would be those that fit in a ‘kleenex’ package – he walked a generous trophy.

Without giving the bull a single turn, he waited head-on Diego Ventura to the bull, with the difficulty that an oval ring entails, especially if it comes out with feet. A pity that the punishment fence fell so badly, but then he masterfully stopped the bull, fighting with the banner. He faced the spartal pronghorn, very bullfighting while offering his chest with the jacket on the back of ‘Velázquez’. Looser and more lackluster than his brothers was this specimen, which he provoked from a distance to drive a pair into the opposing python. Upon ‘Mess’ a good stick hit the jog before the bull collapsed. But for the superb the following. Impossible more truth on horseback. The music stopped, all the notes were put by the bullfighter, and a woman started with a fandango while Diego fought even without a bull. What a way to walk … And in millimeter terrain it grew up in two sovereign pairs. What purity! He gave up the short cuts and summoned him head on to kill. It required the use of pithing. A luxury: many matadors would like to be crazy like Ventura did. What bullfighting. As the public does not always taste the good the same, the shouting did not catch on -because there were handkerchiefs the same as in the previous one- and everything was in ovation.

On ‘Joselito’ he stopped perfectly, with the rump, at fifth. Now he did hit the punishment. And he asked for the change quickly. A two tracks he embroidered it with ‘Nazarí’, with two flags crossing, all heart. And with ‘Fabuloso’ the fabled bullfighting continued. Fantastic pairs. A full bow was made ‘Bronze’ to put the bull in its cradle. But there was more: without nodding off, he looked at the horse lying down, he wanted to hit the good bull of Los Espartales even bites and he let himself reach millimeters in a two-handed pair. The amphitheater vibrated, with the people on fire and not only because of the scorching sun, but because of the bullfighting lesson. Crazy. And Ventura, arms raised to heaven, stepped back. He fastened to the violin on the back of a horse in white phase, while he looked for complicity in a long luck of the telephone. He punctured before a rejón in two times. The bull fell and the apotheosis led to the maximum trophies: two ears and a tail for Diego and a return to Los Espartales.

In front of the 38, Rui Fernandes cut two exaggerated ears and the bull was also rewarded exaggeratedly with a return to the ring. Serious the sixth, with which Duarte again left exciting passages. Portugal has a new bullfighter on horseback. He cut off the ear that was lifting him on the shoulders with his companions on a morning in which Diego Ventura spelled the absolute truth on horseback.

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