Divina Pastora Seguros promotes support for Spanish culture after the coronavirus crisis




Divina Pastora Insurance presented this Friday at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the project #vuelvealavida, whose objective is to support Spanish culture, a sector that has been seriously affected by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

The insurer is the main sponsor of this project until 2023, promoted by the consultancy and more, specialist in cultural promotion and experience marketing. With this project, Divina Pastora focuses its communication strategy on the cultural territory and reinforces its work and trajectory in the area of ​​Corporate Social Responsibility.

The project #Come back to life is a movement that was born in order to make society aware that culture is safe and that the public can attend cinemas, theaters and music halls, without fear of being infected with Covid-19.

Furthermore, it seeks to vindicate the “healing” role that culture plays for the human being. He wants to show that, despite the difficult moments that this pandemic has caused in society, culture has been and is a balm to continue feeling emotions, to keep up the spirits and to alleviate moments of sadness.

All the details of the project have been made known this Friday, at an event held at the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in Madrid and which has been presented by the actor Antonio Resines. In the event they have intervened Armando Nieto, executive president of Divina Pastora Seguros; Y Soler side, CEO of ymás. The actors have also attended Fran perea, Melani olivares, Pepe Viyuela Y Antonio Pagudo.

The main piece of #vuelvealavida is a spot directed by the acclaimed advertising director Julian Zuazo. Some of the most relevant figures of the Spanish art scene collaborate, such as Michelle Jenner, Javier Gutiérrez, Fran Perea, Daniel Grao, Antonio Pagudo, Santiago Segura, Dani Rovira, musicians of the Film Symphony Orchestra FSO, Miguel Bernardeau, Pepe Viyuela, Melani Olivares and Antonio Resines.

The spot represents a metaphor where the different disciplines of culture, after many difficulties, end up defeating the pandemic of coronavirus. The video, which can be seen on the insurer’s YouTube Channel, will be broadcast between December 3 and 31 on the Social Networks of Divina Pastora Seguros e ymás, as well as on the Movistar and Paramount channels.

The communication plan is completed with a campaign of external advertising in different Spanish cities, which is aimed at visualizing the artistic piece and positioning the message of #vuelvealavida.

During the presentation, Soler sideCEO of ymás and ideologue of the project, stressed: «What we are experiencing will pass, meanwhile we need to feel strong, with energy and enthusiasm and, to this day, no contagion has been detected in a cultural space. Protecting yourself and being responsible is essential, taking care of your emotions, essential. And culture is the best remedy to take care of your emotions ».

In this same sense, it has been expressed Armando Nieto, executive president of Divina Pastora Seguros, who stressed that culture “is the tool that keeps a society alive, that encourages it to think, act or reflect.” «Without culture, there is no future. Cinema, theater, dance, music, literature and, in general, art, help us to build a more humane, more critical, more cultured and more educated society ”, he added.

«When we learned about the #vuelvealavida project, we knew we had to get involved. On the one hand, to help a sector that represents three percent of our GDP and employs more than 700,000 workers at such a difficult time, but on the other, and for us the most important reason, to contribute, through culture, to ‘come back to life’ and help society to regain part of the hope and hope lost ”, he highlighted.

In order to encourage the visit to cultural spaces, such as cinemas and theaters, Divina Pastora Insurance will launch a series of actions aimed at the general public, employees and clients of the company.

From now on and throughout 2021, the insurer will offer, through its online contest «The wisest player», a total of 3,000 tickets to attend 20 cultural events of theater performances, films and musicals. This contest, based on demonstrating the knowledge of the users of the networks about cinema, theater and literature, will be developed on the company’s Facebook and Instagram social media profiles.

Periodically, it will depend on the billboard at each moment, a ranking will be established among all those who have answered correctly in the shortest time possible, and the first fifteen participants to get it right will get a double ticket for a play that is on the bill or for the premiere of a movie.

On the other hand, the company plans to organize seventeen special and exclusive events in different Spanish cities, where you can invite clients to enjoy a unique experience. In the case of theater, in addition to enjoying the performance, attendees will share a meeting with the actors, while in cinema and literature they will be able to attend premieres and previews or screenings and private screenings where they will also be able to meet actors and writers.

Divina Pastora Seguros is with about 470,000 insured, the first Spanish mutual in number of members to whom it provides services in all types of insurance that guarantee the basic needs of the family unit.

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