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Today, Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the Holy Christian celebrates the Saint of Santa Notburga, followed by other names that you can consult right here.

Born in Rettemberg, Tyrol in 1270. He worked in a domestic service in a noble house; later he would do it in a peasant house. Throughout the week he devoted himself to his work except on Saturday afternoons, where he devoted himself to worship and prayer. With what little he earned he used it to help the poor. She was a patron of the servants.

On this Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the Catholic Church commemorates the saint of Alberto de Castro Gualteri, Cipriano of Carthage, Gabriel Taurino Dufresse, General martyr, Maternal of Cologne, Pedro de Bellevaux, Salustia of Rome. Although today is known for Santa Notburga and with which the Christian religion pays tribute to 0 people in Spain.

The names of whom today Tuesday, September 14, 2021 we commemorate their saint are obtained from Roman martyrology. This encyclopedia gathers and complements new saints after their canonization. From time to time, the Vatican adds new names to the Roman martyrology and so the list is completed.

Below you will find a list of the saints or saints that correspond to today Tuesday, September 14, 2021, according to our Hispanic tradition and the dates of celebration of Catholic holidays, all of them related to events in the life of Jesus and the history of the church.

This holiday has ensured that, at least once a year, Christians can commemorate the day on which the saint who bears his name was canonized. But what does this mean? Celebrate the saint It is to commemorate the exemplary life of those Christians who preceded us and who bear our name. And, although it has less and less importance in society compared to previous times, there are many who still actively celebrate this day.

Today’s Santoral, September 14

In the Catholic Church the number of santosDue to its great history, it is very high, which is why several onomastics are celebrated on the same day. Today, September 14, people named Alberto de Castro Gualteri, Cipriano de Cartago, Gabriel Taurino Dufresse, Martyr General, Materno de Colonia, Pedro de Bellevaux, Salustia de Roma celebrate their saint thanks to:

  • Alberto de Castro Gualteri
  • Cyprian of Carthage
  • Gabriel Taurino Dufresse
  • Martyr general
  • Maternal of Colonia
  • Peter of Bellevaux
  • Salustia of Rome

© Library of Christian Authors (JL Repetto, Todos los santos. 2007)

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