Doctors, pulmonologists and dentists call for the withdrawal of the initiative ‘Funny without Smoke’ devised by Philip Morris



The Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (Separ), the Official College of Physicians of Las Palmas and the College of Dentists of Las Palmas and the Canary Dental Foundation, among other scientific societies, requested this Monday the withdrawal from “La Graciosa sin humo” campaign promoted by the tobacco company Philip Morris International in collaboration with the City Council of Teguise.

As denounced by the Official College of Physicians of Las Palmas, Philip Morris International intends to use the image of La Graciosa for its advertising campaigns, as it has already done with a small Greek island. And, the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, founded by the tobacco company in 2017 with almost a billion dollars, is dedicated to sponsoring the sale of the IQOS device and the consumption of tobacco.

Doctors remember that «No medical society recommends IQOS as a way to quit smoking. Its use is known to create dual smokers and may alienate smokers from smoking health care and effective treatments. ‘ In addition, they insist that “with its actions, the Philip Morris Foundation aims to divert public attention from the efforts that doctors make in the fight against smoking, considered the greatest avoidable risk to which humanity is exposed.”

According to Separ, the bell devised by the tobacco company Philip Morris International to define smoke-free spaces, «claims to promote vaping, which is also detrimental to lung health. ‘ Likewise, they denounce in their press release that the collaboration between the Teguise town hall and Philip Morris International contravenes the Framework Convention of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Tobacco Control, whose treaty Spain signed in 2003.

Dentists explain that “the cigarette sales drop has led the tobacco industry to base its strategy on contrived targeted marketing campaigns to the consumption of new tobacco products: heated tobacco and e-cigarettes».

Far from being harmless and contributing to “harm reduction”, these products expose consumers to the chemical and toxic compounds produced by heating glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and the aromas contained in the liquids of these products that, in addition, release carcinogens, such as formaldehyde, glycidol and propylene oxide, with potential health risks, conclude the Las Palmas College of Dentists and the Canarian Dental Foundation in a statement.

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