drop to 200 cases on December 15 for a Christmas «as normal as possible»



A Christmas in the street and “as normal as possible.” That is the best way to enjoy this celebrated holiday and the recipe to avoid a third wave in the eyes of the regional vice president, Ignacio Aguado. In his opinion, the “modus operandi” to be able to arrive in a favorable situation on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve is to “move with caution” and avoid closed spaces, where the population “relaxes without a mask and without ventilation.”

Madrid, which will once again close its territory perimeter from December 4 to 14, has set a clear objective: to be below 25 cases in order to be recognized by the European Union as a “green region.” However, in the short term, there is another stepping stone to get to: drop to 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on December 15, the day the measure imposed to try to bend the epidemiological curve even more ends. In fact, according to data from the Ministry of Health, the region continues to improve in the fight against the virus, ranking as the third community with the best accumulated incidence in the Peninsula in the last two weeks, with a rate of 236.

If the trend continues to decline, the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero trusts that they can be made, always within prudence, “some type of exceptions” in the restrictions to stop contagion from December 15. “All the scenarios are being studied,” he said several days ago. Those scenarios you talked about include a reduction of limitations regarding residences, where the elderly could return to their homes or to those of a relative to spend such special dates as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, always taking the utmost caution and complying with security measures. Another aspect to study is that the students who reside in the region could return to their homes to spend Christmas with their families.

Puerta del Sol already shines with the Christmas tree
Puerta del Sol already shines with the Christmas tree – Guillermo Navarro

In addition, the regional government is already analyzing, as ABC announced, the possibility of increasing the limit of people who can meet up to ten. Another aspect that is on the table is to reduce the night curfew on the night of the 24th and the 31st, when millions of Madrid people go to relatives’ houses to dine and drink the grapes and that this year the mobility restrictions – between 00.00 and 6 hours – would prevent the return to their homes.

It will be at the Interterritorial Council, which is held tomorrow Wednesday, where the Ministry of Health will decide homogeneous recommendations for all the autonomous communities in the face of Christmas, so it is not yet decided whether the hours of the curfew can be lifted or restricted, which in Madrid is from midnight to six in the morning.

Pharmacy test

A key point for the regional government in controlling the pandemic in Madrid is to maximize diagnostic capacity. Therefore, it has asked the Ministry of Health to allow them to take the tests to pharmacies in the region. Madrid health authorities they wait for the go-ahead to start the procedure as soon as possible, with which they hope to be able to perform hundreds of thousands of tests in a short time. Around 500 pharmacies would be interested in participating voluntarily in this initiative, which could be launched throughout the month of December. The idea is to start with the antigen tests that are already in operation and achieve a validation “as soon as possible” to bring the drugs to pharmacies. saliva test.

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