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It was noted in the eleven that Koeman and Laporta had spoken: the president convinced him to bet without fear on the young people, and Nico and Gavi were headlines. Also Coutinho was it, another presidential prayer finally answered by the Dutch. Instead, Koeman convinced him that Riqui Puig is an arrogant immature man who does not take his job seriously, that he is more concerned with playing golf than being an elite footballer and that he will get nowhere. The chulito de Matadepera continued on the bench. Piqué got lost in the open field and showed all the categories of his geriatric impotence.

Without Ansu, still weak to play a full game, and awaiting the return of Dembélé and Kun, the initial formation summed up Laporta’s commitment to Koeman. It is a fragile possibility, more willful than realistic, and difficult to understand on its own, without taking other circumstances into account. The lack of confidence in the available alternatives – basically Pirlo, because Jan does not want Xavi – and the lack of money to take a big one by assault. Anyway, and however sincere his support for Koeman was, the president knows that nobody in football, and less in Barça, survives the evidence of the results. And this team denies good words every game.

When I ran out of money I would ask my grandmother for it. He always gave it to me, although sometimes he looked at me, and with good reason, like the robber who pulls your bag. Goldman Sachs is not my grandmother, and they are probably the ones with the purse, but it is better to ask for money than to sink into these shows of defeat and inferiority, trusting in the recovery of some injured people who when they were there did not save us from any shipwreck either. Joan Laporta he is sentimental, and I can understand the reasons for his feeling, but in Spanish football, if you want to compete seriously and you are not Florentino Pérez, what you have to do is make your club a great company, to be able to be controlled by Jews and Americans. The Arab sheiks, we better leave it to Guardiola and Xavi, so that they can continue giving lessons in democracy to Spain.

Koeman -sanctioned- shouted on the phone from his box, but when he is in the band, his instructions are not useful either. I love him very much, he is the hero of my youth, he was the axis of the Dream Team, which is the best football I have seen in my life – for me, superior in inspiration to Pep – but as a coach he has no valid idea. That Atlético de Madrid is clearly superior to Barcelona He cannot hide the fact that Koeman’s men were a tactically unbalanced team yesterday, without an intelligent reading of the game, nor valid solutions to the challenges that the locals posed. If Suárez took almost half an hour to score 2-0, it was because Simeone is so mean and ungenerous, and so contrary to the interests of cheerful and creative football, that even though his team was far superior to his rival, he took a step back after the first goal, but not even so did Barça know – nor could it – alleviate their very vulnerable littleness. The two goals were born from unforced errors by the Barça defense.

It is true that this is the price you pay for playing with young people, who make immature mistakes that in a way correspond to their age and their learning process. Perhaps this crossing of the desert is inevitable, in which it does not make sense to burn a new coach. This is Laporta’s in-depth reflection, the main argument – in addition to the economic one – for which he has for the moment decided to give the Dutch coach a margin, who ayer showed, more than lack of players, lack of ideas. I am not saying that Laporta’s thinking is not reasonable, but in any other team that is not Madrid and Barça. When Messi dazzled the world, Florentino signed Mourinho to drain the wound as best he could, and in the era of the Argentine crack, the most glorious that Barça has ever known, Madrid expanded the Champions League distance that it took us.

Laporta knows that Koeman is his last fuse before the anguish of the public begins to go to the box; and he’s in no rush to kick-start his second term credibility time. But without a shock like the one that an always risky change of coach implies, Barcelona’s problem is no longer losing rather, the teams of a certain entity end up passing over it. It is never good to rush, but inaction is unsustainable in times of struggle for survival. Being wrong as a coach is not more serious than it is already too late when the effects of uncontrolled combustion take you before you.

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