Eight presidents will meet in Galicia to face a common front in the debate on regional financing




It will be on November 2. The presidents of eight autonomous communities will meet in Santiago with a prominent issue on the table: the new regional financing model. The regions represented will be, in addition to Galicia, Asturias, Aragón, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha and La Rioja, a sextet that has already been meeting over the last few years to face a common front; and Cantabria and Extremadura join.

It was announced by the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, during the speech that opens the Debate on the State of Autonomy in the autonomous Parliament. Feijóo had already advanced previously, at the end of the Council of the Xunta of September 23, that they were pending to square the presidents’ agendas to set a date, in the range of late October and early November.

This Wednesday he valued that the eight territorial leaders «they belong to three different political parties “and that” one out of every four Spaniards will be represented “, «62% of the territory». The president has been “proud” that Galicia is hosting this forum to forge an “alliance that does not go against anyone” and is “open to all.” In fact, in parallel, Feijóo has confirmed that the next week he will hold a meeting in this same sense with the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno.

The head of the Xunta wanted to make it clear that there is no “showdown” between the autonomies with “more population” and those others, as is the case of Galicia, where “other factors, such as aging or dispersion, weigh more.” He has argued that the regions are “willing to discuss and reach an agreement” to redefine financing. Instead, «the real confrontation and the real problem (…) lies in those of us who want a multilateral dialogue and others “who, he denounced, want it” to suit them “, in veiled allusion to Catalonia.

Along these lines, he has claimed “clearly”, once again, that “regional financing is not decided at a bilateral table with the only autonomous government that openly states that it is against the nation.” However, it has warned that “The big question” is whether the regions “will have an impartial referee” in the figure of the Government.

100% free nurseries

The last Debate on the State of Autonomy held in Galicia until the one that has just started in O Hórreo, held in 2019 (there was not in 2020, when elections were called and later the investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo took place), left as a great announcement the free Galician nurseries for second and successive children. This 2021, the Xunta goes a step further: Feijóo has revealed that “from next year, all nursery schools in Galicia will be 100% free.”

The president of the Xunta has remarked that “all of them will be free: the public, the social initiative, the private and the municipal ones of the councils that are up to date with the consortium.” And he has expanded: «Free all of them and for all children (…), also the firstborn ».

Galicia, has valued Feijóo, is “at the forefront of Spain with a decision that does not exist anywhere else” from the country. The regional president has spoiled that they have been repeatedly demanding the Government support to provide full coverage in nursery schools, without success. But the Xunta says enough: “We are not going to wait for them.” Hence, it has been decided, without further delay, to “concentrate all the resources” necessary so that no parent will pay again to take their child to daycare.

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