Emotional message from the Campoy Osset family to the workers of the Nuestra Señora de Gracia residence




We reproduce the letter of thanks that the Toledo family Campoy Osset has directed the workers of the Nuestra Señora de Gracia residence, located in Afofrín (Toledo), where his parents Emilio and Pilar lived for years surrounded by care and affection:

Dear friends:

We can imagine, even if it’s just a glimpse, the situation of anguish that you are going through at the Residence Nuestra Señora de Gracia; We can imagine the pain and helplessness of seeing how in the end the virus managed to enter; We can imagine your efforts, your dedication, your efforts, as well as the terrible situation of having to confine the residents to their rooms; We can imagine the great problems that those who can no longer fully understand what is happening have given you and how hard it will be also for those who do; we can imagine that you have faced various types of reactions from family members, some not always friendly nor comprehensive, and we can imagine the abandonment that you have felt on the part of those who have the obligation to watch over all of us from their positions and positions of responsibility.

We can only imagine it because for a special gift of providence to our family our parents are no longer there, all this has been saved, both for them and us. But facing what we can only imagine because we do not know, there is what we do know with complete certainty.

We know that you are leaving your life to move forward with that home, that great family that is the Nuestra Señora de Gracia Residence; We know that none of the residents will lack the company, affection, care and attention they deserve as people, as human beings, and we know this because We have seen and experienced this with our parents, Emilio and Pilar.

We know from our own experience that where the children could no longer reach there was still an extension of the family there, In the residence; We know from our own experience that there is not only a group of people there with the professional qualifications necessary for the work carried out there, but that you are also family, you are friends: residence is home, warmth, humanity, in a word, residence is love. This we do not have to imagine, this we have experienced during all the years that both our mother Pilar and our father Emilio have lived there; We have lived this especially this year 2020 in the harsh circumstances that have occurred, and above all, in the last days of our father’s life, during the month of July. We know this in the most certain and sure way with which people can know things, by experience.

And now, in the worst moments of the pandemic, when everything is becoming the hardest, we do not forget youWe remember you and although we cannot physically give you that hug that we have longed for so much for months, we know that we will do it when it becomes possible; We know that we will return there to sing Christmas carols for Christmas, on some Christmas Eve to which right now it is impossible to set a date. We wanted to have given you our little gift by meeting you without limitations or restrictions, but knowing the harshness of these moments has decided us to send it to you now along with these lines.

We have all of you before us, one by one, with your names. Our memory and gratitude is personal, to each one of you, and that’s why we don’t mention you, so as not to fall into the unpleasant mistake of forgetting a name; Although this letter is generic, we hope that it will be read to all of you without exception, because you are all in it, we repeat, one by one, each one with their name and surname. You have been a continuation of our family in the care and attention to our parents, and that is why today we can call you friends and brothers. Symbol of this deep gratitude to all of you is the small souvenir that we give you, in which the phrase that we understand appears perfectly sums up everything you are and still are at this time: «No one has greater love than that which gives life by his friends.

All this will end, and we will meet again, and we will sing together again, and then we will be able to give you in person that hug that comes from the deepest of the heart and that springs from the deep gratitude for so many years of dedication, dedication and love. Everything will pass, you are not alone, there are many of us who have you present in these terrible moments.

Alejandro Campoy Osset, Carlos Campoy Osset, Isabel Campoy Osset, Federico Campoy Osset, Fernando Campoy Osset, consorts, grandchildren and the whole family as a whole.

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