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The President of Navarra, María Chivite, has signed today with the economic and social agents of the Autonomous Community the new Employment Plan 2021-2024, which will focus on strengthening the business fabric, especially SMEs, facilitating the incorporation of the youth population into the labor market and alleviating the effects of the socio-economic crisis generated by the COVID-19. Together with President Chivite, the current Plan has been signed by the President of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Navarra, Juan Miguel Sucunza; the Secretary General of the CCOO, Chechu Rodríguez; and the general secretary of UGT, Jesús Santos.

After months of negotiations, the Social Dialogue Council, made up of the Regional Executive, the Navarre Business Confederation (CEN) and the unions CC YES Y UGT, has agreed on who will be the V Employment Plan of Navarra, a document that will mark the labor and employment policies of the Government of Navarra. It should be remembered that the previous plan was signed in 2009 and was in force until 2012.

701.7 million euros

Navarra will invest in this new Employment Plan 2021-24 a total of 701.7 million euros until 2024. Thus, this year an investment of 172.77 million is already planned, which represents 24.6% of the total, while the rest will be 186.51 million in 2022 , 183 in 2023 and 159.43 in 2024, the last year contemplated.

By sections, the bulk of the 2021-24 Employment Plan budget will be aimed at improving the competitiveness of the Autonomous Community. Specifically, for this purpose it is expected to allocate 299.9 million euros (42.74% of the budget). For their part, active employment policies will account for 277 million euros (39.48% of the total). To all this, another 118 million will be added to promote labor relations and improve the quality of employment; 4.11 million for prevention of occupational hazards; and about 2 million for actions on equal opportunities between men and women.

The agreed document includes three plans in one. On the one hand, it proposes a crash plan in front of the COVID-19, since the pandemic has had devastating effects on employment and company maintenance, the most visible element of which has been ERTE and ERE. On the other hand, a young plan is proposed, which integrates a series of measures to reduce unemployment among young people, facilitate their access to the job market and quality employment. And finally, it includes a plan focused on SMEs, to promote its creation and its strengthening within the business fabric, since small and medium-sized companies have been especially affected by the pandemic.

“This Plan comes at a historical moment of changes, transformations and advances, which mark a new time,” said President Chivite after signing the document. A time that will be marked, as he has assured, by a “change of model”, so that the dialogue and the agreement “take on a transcendent relevance”. “We are not just talking about concrete decisions for short-term problems; we are talking about a change of model; of a deep transformation due to its size and the speed with which it has to be done; a more inclusive and sustainable model, and with a digital base ”, he added.

Thirteen strategic objectives

The Employment Plan 2021-24 proposes as a priority objective the employment improvement and the occupational health from Navarra and the elimination of inequalities, reducing the gender gap and unemployment, and improving the protection of the most difficult groups, especially. Among these are the young population, migrants, people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, women, people at risk of exclusion and those with basic training.

All of this is specified in 13 more specific strategic objectives, with measures that are aimed at both individuals and companies. Thus, the Plan includes among its goals to reduce unemployment and avoid job destruction; and also increase the competitiveness of companies and strengthen the Navarrese business fabric.

Another objective is to have a shock and anticipation plan to favor the employment of people with the most difficulties and to strengthen the companies most affected by the crisis. Also, promote, improve and extend the model of FP Dual; decrease the occupational accident rate and improve working conditions; and enhance the equality between women and men.

Another key is to promote quality employment. To do this, it includes among the objectives of the plan to improve the employability of people; promote and develop lifelong learning competence throughout life; and promote the empowerment of people towards digital transformation and the circular economy in line with the European Capacities Agency.

These measures will go hand in hand with further modernization of the Navarre Employment Service-Nafar Lansare and in the creation of a new service to companies; the promotion of entrepreneurship and business vocation.

All these objectives will converge in the intention of achieving a change in the production model “based on the digital transformation and the green economy and towards the territorial and social cohesion of the Foral Community”.

What’s new?

Among the concrete actions contemplated in the Plan are measures aimed at the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 crisis such as hotels, transport, culture or leisure, among others. A reactivation program for companies in crisis; and measures to bring SMEs closer to all kinds of public aid and subsidies, advice, improvement of information and simplification of procedures; and incentives for the renewal contract to promote generational renewal based on quality employment.

In addition, aid is contemplated to encourage consumption and employment in people with difficulties in accessing the job market. A larger offer will be offered Vocational training for employment, adapted to people, their needs but also to the territory and the productive fabric of the area and the needs of companies, as well as training around entrepreneurship and business vocation.

Likewise, a new SNE-NL intermediation service will be created to offer more and better services to companies and working people; and, also, the figure of the territorial delegate and equality agents will be promoted, which will make it possible to address the prevention of occupational risks and equality as a priority.

The agreement around Employment Plan 2021-24 has been achieved within the Council of Social Dialogue of Navarra, a tripartite body for meeting, participation and institutional negotiation between the most representative economic and social agents and the Administration of the Foral Community created in 2014, in which the Navarra Business Confederation, and the CCOO and UGT unions.

The Social Dialogue Council in the middle of last year he put the seed of this Employment Plan 2021-24, after agreeing on a document with 13 urgent measures for the protection of people and companies, as well as to reactivate consumption, in the face of the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus COVID-19.

The new Employment Plan 2021-24 will include the lines marked by both the Smart Specialization Strategy S3, in terms of key sectors for the economic development of the Autonomous Community, and the Plan to Reactivate Navarre / Navarre Revitalize 2020-2023.

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