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The PNV yesterday put a figure at the price of its support to the Government Budgets with the presentation of amendments worth more than 700 million euros. The battery of conditions includes the elimination of the diesel tax increase (which is calculated to have an estimated impact of 450 million due to the lower collection), in addition to the implementation of a renew plan of 50 million for the industry which serves the automotive, energy and aeronautics sectors, with strong roots in the Basque Country.

But the 85 amendments tabled yesterday go further. And its fulfillment will be followed with a magnifying glass. The Basque formation made it clear that the key support of its six deputies depends on “The good tune” shown so far by the Government is finally reflected in the PGE project, reflecting a good part of the conditions.

The text includes a good handful of investments destined exclusively to the Basque Country. The PNV asks for example 21 million to improve its surroundings, another 23 for the ports of Pasajes and Bilbao, 13.5 million for hydraulic infrastructures and another 2.3 for the Vitoria airport. An item of three million is also claimed for a project against floods in Bilbao. On the fiscal front, the Basque group assures that in addition to the brake on diesel, the increase in VAT should be added to health and education that the Government planned and that were removed from the negotiating table thanks to the preliminary talks held with the Treasury.

Beyond economic items, it demands that the Government make the Basque Country part of the management and direction bodies of SEPI -especially key organization at the moment, as it controls the rescue fund of strategic companies that has already saved, for example, Air Europa- in addition to managing and exploiting the Tourist Paradores in its territory. The articles also reflect a traditional claim by the Basque group: to transfer the land occupied by the Loiola barracks to the Donostia City Council.

The PNV also includes two amendments worth one million each for Mondragón Unibertsitatea and Fundación Deusto, and 2.6 million for a UPV infrastructure. It also introduces amendments to improve the viability of mutuals. And creating a new contracting model, the so-called contract for University Dual Training, and measures to consolidate the work of interns in the public sector.

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