Epidemiologists charge against Pedro Cavadas for his doubts about the coronavirus vaccine




The surgeon Pedro Cavadas He warned in January of the “dangerousness” of the coronavirus and the possibility that the pandemic “decimated the population.” At that time, no case had been reported in Spain and the Government, with Fernando Simon leading the way, minimizing the risks of Covid-19 In our country. Today, the coronavirus adds more than 1.65 million infections and has killed 45,511 people in Spain, according to the latest official statistics from the Ministry of Health.

The doctor Pedro Cavadas He warned, nine months after he was right with his prognosis, that the use of a mask to prevent coronavirus infections goes a long way. Specifically, he predicted that “perhaps in two years it will be optional” to use the mask. The Ministry of Health confirmed, in the last meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council that the mask will be mandatory at least throughout 2021 despite the fact that next year the vaccination plan against the Covid-19.

In this regard, given the optimism expressed by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, and the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, the last omen of Pedro Cavadas it has generated particular concern. The surgeon believes that to have a “useful, effective and safe” vaccine against the coronavirus, “between two and four years will have to pass.”

At this point, the theses of the Valencian doctor have run into an unusual reply. The president of the Spanish Association of Vaccination, Amos García Rojas, has argued, in an interview with «Canarias Radio», that the process for preparing the vaccines against coronavirus has followed “exactly” the same production phases (to which it refers Pedro Cavadas to argue their omens) than any other, but in this case “they have accelerated and overlapped” to face the urgencies of a pandemic that has generated a global health crisis unprecedented in recent decades.

García Rojas is Head of Section of the Epidemiology and Prevention Service of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Canary Islands Health Service. In his opinion, Pedro Cavadas He is a magnificent plastic surgeon, one of the great geniuses of this specialty in Spain, but “possibly in the process of producing a vaccine he is not so hardened.”

As it happened after his warning about the risks of the coronavirus and his prediction regarding the use of the mask, only time will give and take away reasons about the augury of Pedro Cavadas about the expected vaccine Covid-19.

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