ERC asks the Government to regain powers and raise the wealth tax in Madrid one billion




The processing of the General State Budgets for 2021 have received 3,793 amendments to the articles in record time, at a time when the Government is debating between agreeing with the independentists with ERC and Bildu at the head or with Citizens. The options are varied and among all the amendments, one that ERC has presented calls our attention in which it claims to the State that increase its powers and, without consulting the communities, approve a harmonization of the Wealth Tax. All this, to increase the income of the Central Government by “at least one billion euros”, an amount that practically coincides with what Madrid stops collecting per year to reduce the tax, which is currently being assigned in its entirety to the autonomous communities.

This is reflected in one of the amendments of the nationalist party, in which it demands the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias that they must create a state quota in the Wealth Tax that serves as a minimum collection and on which the autonomous community cannot decide. In this way, ERC proposes that if a specific region has approved too many bonuses and its regional quota is paid less than what would be paid in the state quota applying the legislation of the Central Government, the result of the state quota is imposed and this last collect the difference.

For example, if a citizen has ten million euros and state regulations dictate that he must pay 200,000 euros in Wealth Tax, if a region subsidizes him, he must pay these 200,000 euros to the State. If, for example, it were 150,000 euros what the regional legislation says, it would pay 200,000 and the 50,000 difference would be collected by the Central Government.

«The state quota is created in the Wealth Tax whose yield constitutes State income not transferred to the autonomous communities“, Includes the amendment that details that” the State is responsible for the ownership and exercise of the powers of management, settlement, collection, inspection and review of the tax as it affects the liquidation of the state quota. “

The amendment It goes against Madrid and the communities that strongly reduce the tax. In the 2017 Conference of Presidents – which was not attended by the then President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont – the reform of regional financing and the communities led by the PSOE – with Andalusia, then under the socialist government, at the fore – was addressed – they accused Madrid of “fiscal dumping”. Now the Ministry of Finance, commanded by the former counselor of the Andalusian Regional Government, María Jesús Montero, wants to harmonize this tax, in addition to those of Successions and Donations against Madrid, which opposes it and wields the autonomy granted by the Autonomous Financing Law.

However, ERC claims that this point, which affects regional financing, it is not addressed at a Conference of Presidents or a Council on Fiscal and Financial Policy with all communities, but is approved in the General State Budgets via amendment.

More personal income tax on savings income

Along with this request, in exchange for their support, ERC also asks for an increase in income tax on savings greater than that agreed by PSOE and Podemos on incomes above 200,000 euros: in its amendment it proposes that those with capital gains greater than 300,000 euros , the rate is 30% and not the 26% proposed by the Budget.

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