ERC erupts against Junts’ “dirty war” within government




Less than three months before the regional elections in Catalonia on February 14 (if they are not postponed due to Covid), The Catalan government formed by Junts and ERC dedicates a large part of its daily energy to the struggle between both formations – and the consequent attempt to redirect the situation -, with its sights set on the appointment of the second Sunday of the second month of 2021. Yesterday, a few hours after the plan for the progressive opening of activities planned by the Generalitat, signed by the Ministry of Health, was leaked to the press, with the apparent intention of leaving the ERC (who control this department) in a bad place , Pere Aragonès, acting president of the Generalitat and ERC’s electoral candidate “in pectore”, along with the rest of his party members, got up from the meeting of the crisis committee against Covid, which was to be held first thing in the morning.

All eyes from the last (for now) clash between the two parties were directed towards Ramon Tremosa (Junts), Minister of Business and Knowledge since the beginning of September, who on Tuesday he promised the catering industry that, for example, bars and restaurants could open until 9:00 p.m., from Monday, when the first phase of the second de-escalation begins.

The “bad guys”

However, the document leaked to the press (in ERC they assure that from Junts, and they deny it) with the Health seal establishes that the opening of the restaurant from Monday can only be done until 5:00 p.m. That is to say, those of Aragonès would have been like the “bad guys of the movie” with the headlines of the bars and restaurants, while Tremosa and Junts would be playing the economy card, despite sharing a government and, therefore, jointly assuming the decisions that are adopted in the crisis committee against Covid, made up of both Junts advisers and the de Interior, as well as those responsible for ERC.

In the early afternoon, Aragonès and Meritxell Budó (Junts), spokesperson and counselor of the Autonomous Presidency, as confirmed to ABC by official sources of the Generalitat, held a meeting in the Parliament of Catalonia, which this Tuesday held an ordinary session. At the end of the plenary session, the crisis meeting against the Covid from which ERC had risen in the morning was held.

The electoral pre-campaign, “de facto” from the day that Quim Torra left the presidency of the Generalitat, on September 28, it will be long for the two parties that make up the Catalan government and that yesterday, after the controversy in the morning and check its media impact, they put in place a shield in their communication strategy to try to minimize the damage. 87 days left.

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